The Wrong Profile

The unqualified David Hogg couldn’t get into a junior college in Florida on his merits, but Harvard grabbed him because he’s got the right Social Justice profile. 

Kyle Kashuv – who survived the same shooting – got into Harvard on his merits.  

Or so he thought.  

Kashuv explains in this twitter thread:

Because it’s not enough merely to be a victim (forget about pretty brilliant). It’s about being the right kind of victim. Otherwise, you’re expendable – and, if you’re too obstreporous, must be destroyed.

7 thoughts on “The Wrong Profile

  1. OK, Kashuv got his admission rescinded for using racial and ethnic slurs, at least one of which appears to have been applicable to himself. (he’s apparently at least ethnically Jewish)

    Question; is Harvard going to expel everyone who’s listened to rap music in the past couple of decades, too? Or who has been to an event where Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson has spoken? Just askin’. Because I guarantee you that those in these categories have taken part in the exact same kind of bigotry Kashuv appears to have done.

    There are cases, I’m sure, where colleges are justified in saying “your thoughts are not just controversial, they are ‘fightin’ words'”, but I’m guessing that this standard is not exactly going to be applied consistently.

  2. Kid says he rejected several offers that included scholarships to accept Harvard’s offer.

    If he has bonified offers in hand, in writing, and unless Harvard’s offer includes conditions that include not having made inflammatory statements on social media, I think the kid has a case for a lawsuit.

    Rejecting applicants that are academically qualified while accepting ones that are not qualified based upon their social score is not a new concept , but it’s not a path that is going to embellish their reputation for academic excellence, imo.

    In fact, I can see a future where an Ivy League pedigree is met with the same derision a Nobel Peace Prize receives, and for the same reason.

  3. Swiftee,

    I know some people that won’t even consider Harvard grads for positions in their companies, unless they are veterans. Petey Buttigieg excepted, of course.

  4. Leftism corrupts everything that it touches.
    All the institutions it controls have their purposes redirected towards pushing Leftism. Universities don’t exist to do research, they exist to promote leftists ideas. Same with colleges, k-12 education, the arts, social media, the government, and business. Even the institution of marriage (which long preceded government) has been corrupted.

  5. In fact, I can see a future where an Ivy League pedigree is met with the same widespread derision a Nobel Peace Prize receives, and for the same reason.

    FIFY, Swiftee. Many thinking people already don’t place value on a Ivy-League education, especially after meeting some of the “scholars”– Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Bill Nye, etc.

    I recall working with a guy with a PhD from an Ivy-League school. Couldn’t find his rear end with a map and a flashlight. I’ve noticed many leftists love to cite credentials to avoid having to actually win a logical argument, so should Hogg actually graduate Harvard, he will be “elevated” from absolute moral authority to also being an intellectual authority.

  6. He will look back on this in 10 years and be grateful, he will be a star in the conservative movement someday.

  7. POD, I hope he does just that in the best way. That noted, one sad thing I’ve noted in conservative “celebrity” circles is that many of them seem to crash and burn on their own egos. I think we conservatives need to absorb a very important lesson; that we cannot get away with many of the things that the left allows their own accepts in their leaders.

    And I’m very glad that I didn’t have social media to record some of the stupid stuff I did as a kid.

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