The Calz Of The Walz

Governor Walz’s Very Special Session is a work of crass political manipulation.

I’m not going to try to explain it – Representative Zerwas already did it better than I could:

Every session, especially since 2011, our entire government devolves down to three people in a locked room.

That’s not what we voted for…

…well, OK. It is exactly what a slim majority voted for.

9 thoughts on “The Calz Of The Walz

  1. I heard that the House DFL is blaming Michelle Benson for killing emergency insulin relief by leaving it out of the “final” Bill. Her response was that the House didn’t include it in their spreadsheet and then NOBODY in the House or Senate noticed it wasn’t included.
    Speaks to Zerwas’ point about not being able to know what’s in the Bills.

  2. Well, since 2009,!that’s been the new DemocRAT mantra; pass the bills, then see what’s in them. Rat bastards ALL, but the bigger rat bastards are the brainwashed idiots that voted for them.

  3. Good to hear that the House GOP has told the DFL to pound sand when it comes to suspending the rules and trying to push everything through in 1 day.
    I expect Walz will start threatening to veto bills, aka go to a Shutdown, if the House Republicans don’t fall in line.

    I’ll be interested to see how Sen. Bakk, or as I refer to him The Bear of the North, reacts to being frozen out of negotiations. We already know that he had a “strained” relationship with Dayton, and I fully expect Bakk to also outlast Walz in St. Paul.

  4. Evidently for all Democrats, we need to pass the bill to find out what is in it, and the horrible consequences of a previous time they did this are no deterrent to that line of nonthinking.

  5. I would be a brand-new nickel that when people get a chance to read the bills, they’ll find little turds sprinkled throughout, and then: “Oh, how’d that get in there?” “Well, if you didn’t want it, why’d you vote for it?” “Don’t worry, we know it’ll be repealed next session so we won’t vigorously enforce it until then.”

  6. Well, your cuckservatives know how to put on a good show, I’ll give it to them..

    But it doesn’t make a whit of difference wether they know what’s in there or not in there; y’all are getring butt raped again, and they’ll pass it, like they always pass it.

    It’s the same game the reprobate leftists play down here in America. Gives em the chance to tell the moochers “well, we tried REAL HARD….next year fer sure”

    I must say it’s a lot more fun to play the game from the top.

  7. Walz was one of those DFL’rs who you vote against but think, well, maybe we can live with this guy. He’s not as crazy as Ilham Omar or as corrupt as Keith Ellison and yeah, he poses with the dream-sickles but all DFL’rs have to do that…maybe it won’t be so bad.

    And then he takes office…

  8. I didn’t click through to any of the links, but based on these summary headlines, it was a good year for us. Almost all the idiocy died.

  9. Greg, I think the difference is seen in how to run for certain positions. To represent CD1, a fairly conservative district in general, Walz had to keep his inner lefty under control.

    As a gubernatorial candidate, it seems to me that he would want to dominate in leftist areas like the Cities, the Range, and Rochester and so he could let his inner leftist run free. This probably wouldn’t scare off the usual DFL voters in the rest of state.

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