What If You Declared A “Sex Strike” And Nobo…Er, Let Me Try That Again

Last week, amid news of several states’ abortion laws (intended to provoke SCOTUS-ready legal challenges to Roe V. Wade), one-time “actress” Alyssa Milano declared a “sex strike”.

It fared about as well as you’d expect.

And Milano – whose movie credits include “Who’s The Boss”, [NOTE TO MITCH: TRY TO CARE ABOUT ALYSSA MILANO’S “ACTING CAREER” LONG ENOUGH TO GET A LIST IN HERE BEFORE YOU PUBLISH THIS], and, uh, “Who’s The Boss”, reacted, well, about as well as you’d expect:

With states continuing to restrict abortions despite her #SexStrike protest, Alyssa Milano became so furious that she destroyed her own property, she admitted on Twitter Wednesday.
“I just threw my phone across the room. Cracked the screen. Read this. Please,” Milano tweeted, linking to CBS News story about an 11-year-old girl who couldn’t get an abortion because of Ohio’s “heartbeat bill.”… “Heartbeat bills,” which prohibit most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, have passed in four states this year, and Alabama lawmakers on Tuesday voted to effectively outlaw the procedure entirely. Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, was expected to sign the legislation.
Although none of the laws have gone into effect amid legal challenges, pro-choice advocates fear they will push the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, a landmark 1972 ruling enshrining the right to abortion.

She’s a former child star, and not used to getting her way. But then, progs are largely the same.

26 thoughts on “What If You Declared A “Sex Strike” And Nobo…Er, Let Me Try That Again

  1. I found the CBS article about the 11 year old who was “raped” (it wasn’t rape-rape):
    She also can get an abortion, legally, but it is not clear that she wants to get an abortion.
    The father is a 26 year old illegal alien.
    So you can throw that Milano-enraging story down the fake news hole.

  2. I 100% endorse Milano’s rage, and encourage leftist skaanks to line up behind her, and start throwing shit.

  3. I also endorse leftist skaanks beating the snot out of their effeminate boy friends and life partners. Do it; do it now. Use your shoes to beat them in their sleep. Drunk their tears.

  4. A strike involving Pepperidge Farm Milanos might cause more consternation among the body politic.

  5. The father is a 26 year old illegal alien. n

    *blink* *blink*

    Bwaaahahahahahahahahahaha…oooh hahahahahahahahaha (code coff) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!

  6. I used to think the fall of western civilization was a tragedy, now I realize its a comedy. Burn, burn it all down, Im past caring.

  7. OK. There it is a second time. I’d love to know why I’m being moderated so much. Is the the Minnpost?

  8. here I’ll fill out that list with her memorable presence;

    Melrose Place
    My Name is Earl
    Buying the Cow
    Below Utopia
    Poison Ivy II
    Deadly Sins
    Glory Days
    Embrace of The Vampire
    Double Dragon
    Little Sister

    All noteworthy artistic achievements.

    Oh, I recall reading that Bette Midler (b.1945) was joining Milano (b.1972) in her sex strike. While its crass to do so, its worth pointing out that the “sell by” date for desirable women in Hollywood is age 40 and both these women are well past their “sell by” dates.

  9. Western civilization isn’t the cause of this, POD. It’s technology.

    Technology had made men and women weak. There is no struggle. We have moochers who have never set their hand to any productive work, even as thieves, and yet they have every conveinence.

    Throw in a couple generations of leftist machinations in public schools and you have a large population of literal dimwits.

    Keep your chin up, kid. There’s enough of “us” left to pull it out. We just have to start taking it seriously and putting in an effort

  10. MP – going and looking for the article is the first thing I did as well. Leaving the story itself aside, how much built up anger must be there to destroy your own property, about a situation that hasn’t yet happened, and may never happen. I’m not a mental health provider, but that doesn’t sound healthy.

  11. POD, my eldest son is your age. He lives in MPLS, and has been travelling your path. As his views became more conservative, his former “friends” have abandoned him (one even said he’d hit him next time he saw him).

    He actually stopped dating for awhile because he won’t do leftist skaanks, but he just found a really sweet girl. You guys should hook up some time; you’re natural allies.

  12. Swiftee, I know. I wish we could give people like helicopter rides


  13. Swiftee, Id love another like minded millenial friend. They are so hard to find these days. Im hoping to find more people my age when the 2020 re-election really kicks off. I sat on the sidelines last time because I was no enthusiastic about Trump at all but still voted for him. But if this Zogby poll is right, Dems are totally doomed


  14. email me tjswift (at) yahoo (dot) com POD. He’s always looking for good friends, but he is surrounded by leftists in his office.

    I bet you guys would get along real good.

  15. I wonder what Milano’s husband thinks about this. He’s probably thinking “Ok, I promised to honor and cherish, have no other, for richer and for poorer, till death do us part, and what did I do to deserve this?”

    One thing I can say about Milano, though. She’s absolutely correct that women have it in their power to prevent prenatal infanticide, and she’s absolutely correct that murderous women shouldn’t make love to pro-life men and then abort their babies. And murderous men shouldn’t impregnate pro-life women and then push them to abort their babies. Reality is that the legality of abortion wouldn’t matter nearly as much if couples thought about matters like this before making the best with two backs.

    So hat’s off to Milano for saying things that, when bowdlerized a bit, could have come from National Right to Life.

  16. You’re going to stop having sex so you don’t get pregnant with an unintended pregnancy, because you won’t be able to abort it.

    Give Chastity a Chance?

  17. On another note, I really appreciate all the pro-death people saying this is about reproductive freedom and “controlling” women’s sexuality, as if Griswold v. Connecticut hasn’t been on the books since 1965, and as if affordable condoms and birth control pills haven’t been available since the sixties as well.

    More or less, what is being said is that many pro-death people want to have sex they way they want, when they want, and with whom they want, and if a child gets in the way, sux for the kid. And if you’re the taxpayer, you get to pay too, just like you have since the 1980s for AIDS and other STD research and treatment. We might say that when a pro-abortion person makes love, everybody gets f***ed, but only one person gets a kiss. Pardon my French, but that’s reality.

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  19. Maybe Milano should be more outraged that an 11 year old ran from home and began living with the 26 year old who had sex with her multiple times. It’s rape only in the sense that a minor can’t give consent. Although an 11 year old can conceal her medical record from her parents. I still can’t understand that one.

  20. I’m curious.
    Is Madonna participating?
    If so, will it prevent her from working through her backlog of BJs promised for voting for Hillary?

  21. Regarding the issue of whether rape victims ought to be able to abort children conceived at any time, it is first of all a small proportion of children by my guess. You have about 700k sexual assaults estimated each year, and the average adult–200 million of them–has sex about 100x/year. So we would infer something like 0.005% of conceptions would be via rape/incest(which is a form of rape of course). Even if I’m low by two orders of magnitude, it’s not the biggest deal….

    ….unless abortionists start checking the “rape” box without reporting the alleged rape to authorities, which is precisely the pattern seen in Kansas when they required abortionists to do this.

    That leads to question #2; is it actually less traumatic for rape victims if they abort a child conceived vs. carrying it to term? I can see vehement arguments both ways. Would be interesting to see data, if the politically correct would allow such a survey to be done.

  22. Answer to the question I raised in the “comment in moderation” (maybe we’ll see it sometime) about what percentage of births are from rape/sexual assault; it’s somewhere between 0.5% and 1%, and according to research done by LiveAction, the strong majority, about 73%, of rape victims who become pregnant carry their children to term, and many report it’s actually better for the mental health and recovery of the victim not to add a homicide to their rape.

  23. Comments threads tend to die quickly on SitD, but I can’t help myself and note
    this headline from this evening: Ruth Bader Ginsburg knocks Clarence Thomas in dissent: A woman seeking abortion is not a ‘mother’. Boy, sux to be that kid. Did bikebubba hit that one outta the park or what?

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