Human Shield

Remember this drawing?  It ran during the last Arab-Israeli conflict, to illustrate the moral difference between the tactics used by the two sides.

That kid who’s on all the news shows, David Hogg, the one demanding gun control?  The Left insists nobody is allowed to disagree with his silly proposals because as a shooting survivor, he has absolute moral authority.  And he’s just a kid, so arguing with him is “punching down.”  Ya big bully. 

I strongly suspect he’s an example of the Palestinian side of the drawing.  He’s the child shielding the people behind him.  They are the true evil.  Their tactics reveal it.

Joe Doakes

He’s sort of the Cindy Sheehan of the 2010s.

5 thoughts on “Human Shield

  1. Sorry, but David Hogg didn’t survive anything. His stories have changed too many times, so I’m going with the first story that he told; he wasn’t even in the building while the shootings were going on. He only arrived later, after everything was pretty much over. Further, there is enough evidence out there on skinhead Emma Gonzalez being Hogg’s cousin, as well as an experienced crisis actor from CA.

  2. If I may be so bold in discussing the current events going on in Israel/Palestine… here is a commentator, Matthew RJ Brodsky. He is originally from Minnesota, journalist, analyst mainly. He went to Tel Aviv University, he mainly appears on i24, Israeli news (on the net only?) and has also made some appearances on TRT (Turkish TV outfit) and a few others. His own blog. He’s conversant and amiable enough.

  3. For what its worth, not that it justifies the shooter in ANY way, wasnt he also determined to be a bully of the kid who was the shooter? Some moral high ground…

  4. bosshoss, please dont go down the Alex Jones crisis actor hole.

  5. Yep. And eventually, like Sheehan, Hogg will bite the hands that are feeding him and he’ll end up in the Crawford ditch with her.

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