12 thoughts on “Am I The Only One…

  1. He’s wearing a Harvard tie. Can you believe it? Oh sure, like HE goes to Harvard.

  2. What MP says. When your promo picture halfway looks like it could have come from the Hitler Youth, it’s time to give it up.

    And Hogg, who failed to get into UCLA, is now going to Harvard? Seriously? Would love to see how that application fit into their qualifications/diversity matrix. Or maybe I wouldn’t, as it would be too depressing.

  3. I agree with BB: with that lanyard, that expression, the picture’s shading, the pin he’s wearing, and that body stance, Hogg could have been straight out of a Hitler Youth promo. Much more apropos than a laxative commercial.

  4. Nerdbert; thank you, but MP actually gets the credit. And Hahvid gets the blame, then as now, for pushing the collectivist narrative.

  5. I bet $10 he flaps his arms on the way out the cargo door. Any takers?

  6. Those *are* good, MP. I tried looking up “young pioneers posters” or “young communists posters”, but they didn’t match nearly as well. Hitler Youth, it is then πŸ™‚

  7. What a little fascist he is. The good news is he’s already past his sell-by date and will be in the Crawford ditch with Cindy Sheehan soon enough.

  8. Strelnikov from Doctor Zhivago, if Hogg must be a commie.
    And I caught that Trading Places reference, Joe Doakes.

  9. In the starvation of Ukraine in the 1920s-1930s, what Stalin did was declare all food state property. He then refused to issue ration cards to the people he called “kulaks.” There was more to it, of course. Houses and farms were raided and any food found was seized.
    There were patrols and watch towers. Any person who was spotted eating food without a ration card (such as a starving peasant eating leaves or worms) was stealing the food, and they were shot immediately.
    The people who made up the patrols and manned the watch towers were young people, fervent communist recruits. That is David Hogg.

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