Land Of 10,000 Insecurities

My NARN colleague Brad Carlson pointed this out to me on social media this morning: Minnesota media, poring over the Mueller report, found…

…a mention of Minnesota.

Something about one of the personalities involved in the case?

Perhaps one of the alleged meetings took place at Madden’s?

Maybe one of Maria Butina’s assignations happened at the Radisson Blu at the MOA?


And when I say “no”, I mean “no, and I’m slinking away in shame about living in a state with media this insecure and pathetic“:

Among the topics they discussed: the electoral battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this didn’t make the news in Detroit, Milwaukee or Philly.

2 thoughts on “Land Of 10,000 Insecurities

  1. It’s the same reason that Vince Vaughn has a star on the ersatz Minnesota walk of fame, even though his only connection to the state is he happened to be born here. Silly.

  2. man if those relative, to deep blue states become permanent battleground states thats more damaging to the electoral prospects of Democrats than if we lose Texas, mainly because by my quick math thats… ~55 electoral votes that the dems can no longer bank into the safe D category. Thats basically the equivalent of making California a competitive state.

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