Open Season

The Jussie Smollett case showed us that there’s a whole different set of rules for people who know the right people, politically.

Or at least, it shows it to people who’ve been hiding under a rock and are juuust starting to pay attention.

Prosecutors in Maryland have dropped even the most token charges against the woman who assaulted Kellyanne Conway while she tried to eat at a restaurant.

In short, Montgomery County prosecutors have usurped the role of lawmakers who criminalized assault and determined the range of penalties for it, and of judges who evaluate mitigating factors. Consider the statement of Montgomery State’s Attorney John McCormick:

Was this woman rude? Yes. Did she violate Ms. Conway’s space and try to embarrass her? Yes and yes. Is this a case where criminal sanctions would have been appropriate? No.

But wait! “This woman” did more than violate Conway’s space and try to embarrass her. She physically assaulted Conway. That’s a crime and should be treated as such.

The message sent by McCormick is clear: Montgomery County residents can assault conservatives and Trump administration officials with impunity here. There has been a wave of confrontations by leftists of such figures in the Washington, D.C. area. Montgomery County is saying that it’s okay during these confrontations to grab and shake the target.

Of course, the Woody Kaine case in Saint Paul – where the son of the Democrat veep candidate and his “Anti”-Fa pals didn’t even get slapped on the wrist for an incredibly violent assault – already showed it to anyone who’s paying attention; in Blue America, even the apparatus of “law enforcement” is doing its part to “other” non-“progressive”thoughts, institutions, and ultimately people.

9 thoughts on “Open Season

  1. You know, with acts like this from lefty prosecutors, along with their expressed vitriol towards law enforcement officers, it’s only a matter of time before one of those scum balls is a victim of a “John Wilkes Booth” moment. Their police body guard goes to get a drink of water and said scum ball gets harmed.

  2. Put in historic terms per Frederick Douglass, the four boxes of liberty are the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. If a person is denied justice at the first three, yes, the fourth does come out from time to time.

    Which is the real reason liberals hate the 2nd Amendment.

  3. Not too far afield, there is a group of guys calling themselves the United patriot militia that have set up camp in New Mexico; yeah, they’re armed. Couple nights ago, they rounded up more than 300 border jumpers and turned them over to the BP.

    The left is, of course outraged, but it looks like they’re playing it by the book so far. Evidently these guys are all recent military guys, and have some discipline. My concern is when some invader turns up with a couple 5.56 rounds in him. Those guys are gonna be blamed whether they did it or not. I hope they have a lawyer or six in their tactical loadout, and that they carefully document their whereabouts and actions at all times.

  4. How are they doing that legally? Are they more or less there at the invitation of landowners and finding that the trespassers are undocumented?

  5. Oh God, that is just a clusterfucking disaster waiting to happen. I hope they will be able to afford good lawyers, or can get some to work pro-bono when the shit inevitably hits the fan. Im not saying I dont support them, I do 100%, but the amount of legal risk they are putting themselves in is immense.

  6. Yeah, but Woody Kaine was defending democracy from dangerous old people and children. How could that be wrong?

  7. One of the mind-polluting beliefs of the modern grievance industry — promoted by academics with impeccable credentials — is that prejudice + power = racism.
    This is a definition of racism that has been invented to achieve a political objective. It is not the definition any actual human being would use in their life, or that they would recognize from their own existence.

  8. They’re getting by, by not identifying themselves as LEO, and not detaining them against their will. They stop them and “talk” until BP arrives.

    From what little I’ve seen, these guys are not your average hillbilly cammo brigade. They appear to have been coached on the law.

    They claim their arms are strictly for self defense, and as long as they can prove that’s how they were used, they’ll be OK.

    As I said though, they can be blamed for shit they didn’t do. The ACLU is already up their ass and just waiting for a reason.

    They have value, as a front line PR source, as I said. As long as they maintain strict discipline.

    But as POD observed, there’s a high risk.

  9. Looks like their leader has been popped by the feds on a weapons charge.
    This is why I stay away from groups like the UPM. 99% of them might be great guys, but there will always be 1% who are trouble and the press will do a smear job.
    The same is true on the left, but the press protects them.
    Robert Spencer and Gavin McInnes, sez the media, are the leaders of the alt-right and Proud Boyz. You ever hear them give the names of the people who began and run antifa?

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