Democrats want to give more money to Puerto Rico to rebuild from a hurricane that occurred two years ago.  Trump says we already gave them plenty and they pissed it away(not specifically in those words, more’s the pity, but that’s the idea).
Isn’t the US constantly being criticized as an imperial power?  Shouldn’t we liberate the people on that island from our domination?  Why aren’t they as independent and self-sufficient as their neighbors on Haiti and Cuba?
Free Puerto Rico.  Fly, little bird.  Spread your wings and make your way in the world . . . on your own dime.  No backs.
Joe Doakes

“Freedom” isn’t very cost effective for professional bureaucrats.

2 thoughts on “Libre

  1. It strikes me that when something like a quarter or a third of electrical power was being used without paying for it, Puerto Rico does not need a financial bailout. They need a mass repentance and cultural change that says “no, we are not going to tolerate people who steal among us.”

    Fix that, and Puerto Rico can heal. Skip that, and no amount of government cheese will help. I have a hunch the same thing goes in a lot of big cities on the mainland.

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