10 thoughts on “Is Anyone But Me Detecting A Theme, Here?

  1. I like Tide Pod Evita as a mockery device. Here is mine: watch an episode of Ugly Betty and close your eyes when the eponymous Betty speaks. Spot on impression of AOC. Ugly Betty is available on Hulu.

  2. Prominent Democrats seem very prone to cheat on their taxes, but if you suggest that prosperous Americans might do something to reduce their tax bills, they’ll denounce you to the moon and back.


  3. PoD – her pictures have always stricken me as a) I don’t know the answer, I didn’t even understand the question or b) I’ve been told to be mad at this, so I’ll be super mad.

    I’ve always associated crack with less well groomed hair. And, for her many faults, I can’t think of an instance where her hair was unkempt.

  4. I sometimes forget as being the only (or one of a few) millenial commentor sometimes my jokes/references will go over your guys heads.

  5. Had to figure out the internet on my flip phone to see what you were talking about. So you’re saying AOC is all about “Red Te***icles” or something?

    Crazy whippersnapper you! :^)

  6. PoD – thanks. Now I can feel out of touch on here as well as in my other daily activities!

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