Thirty Million Dollars Worth Of Nothingburger

I could try to write something about the denouement of the Mueller investigation.

But why bother, when this thread by left-leaning journalist Glenn Greenwald does it better than anything I’ve read over the weekend.

This thread is the “pull quote”, if you will – but there’s stuff worth reading before and well after it; I suggest looking over the whole thing via Twitter. And that will be the last time I urge people to read anything in Twitter.

But I digress:

62 thoughts on “Thirty Million Dollars Worth Of Nothingburger

  1. The thing is, no one – no one – expected Trump to win. (Reportedly, he didn’t even have an acceptance speech ready on election night.) The initial oppo-research was a perfunctory “due diligence” systems check. They never expected to really need it or use it – and then the election happened and suddenly it was the only thing they had. That’s why it was so clumsy.

    Next time, next election, they’ll be more elegant.

  2. NW write: “The thing is, no one – no one – expected Trump to win.”

    Much of Trump’s investigation problems come from the fact that nobody thought he could win — in a field of 17 candidates.

    Trump was left with the bottom of the barrel for his team. People like Flynn, Page, Manafort.

    That’s not collusion. But it is a lot of indictments.

  3. If a special prosecutor had been appointed to look into all illegalities surrounding Blago’s sale of Obama’s Illinois senate seat, how many indictments would have been issued?
    Obama’s trusted adviser, Valerie Jarret, was the Daly machine’s “fixer.” Obama’s old boss at Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland was appointed to run the Illinois teachers’ pension fund — a position with a high dollar value. The scam run by Obama, Jarret, and Rezko worked like this: Obama gave taxpayer funds to Jarret, to build affordable housing in Obama’s district. Jarret steered the funds to Rezko’s construction company.

  4. MP, another way of describing l’affaire Blagojevich is that somehow, amazingly, what was going on in Peter Fitzgerald’s office (the same guy who prosecuted Scooter Libby after learning a few weeks into the investigation that there was no crime committed) became known to the Chicago Tribune just as the list of names would have become very interesting–and prosecutable.

    One has to wonder if this was truly an accident, or whether it was something that prevented the Democratic Party in Illinois from being gutted by the fallout. I’m leaning towards the latter.

    Another investigation that might have been interesting; Barack Obama buying his Chicago house together with felon Tony Rezko. Obama got the whole property for about half the price, Rezko got bupkus.

  5. Whew, for a moment I thought you were going to write about “Spygate”—the hilarious and almost impossibly conspiracy theory currently in-vogue by nearly every Trumper, right-wing pundit, and conservative propaganda organ.

  6. Emery: “Trump surrounded himself with felons!”
    Me: “So did Obama.”
    Emery: “What about this made up thing called ‘Spy Gate'”?

  7. A quick google search reveals something called “Spy Gate” associated with the NE Patriots football team.WTF? Are you getting your ‘news” from HuffPo again, Emery?

  8. Well, we know that Emery is a big fan of The Economist, which currently identifies Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro as an architect of the alt-right.

  9. I think Emery’s referring to the claim that the three year investigation of the President by the FBI and others, based on a total BS initial report commissioned by political opponents of the President, one of whom served President Obama as Secretary of State, just might have had something to do with high level officials loyal to President Obama.

    Logically, the only alternative here is the three year investigation, based on BS reports yada yada yada, was started without any approval of or supervision by those same officials, which really would be even more scandalous.

    Either way, I’m good with letting some dopers out of jail so we can put some of those guys in jail.

  10. How many FBI or JD personnel were forced to resign or were demoted over this “entirely legal and justified” investigation? Twenty? Thirty?
    Bureaucrats like McCabe and Ohr are held to different standards than elected officials (including the prez) because they are not elected. They are immune from democratic forces.
    McCabe has justified his illegal leaks — yep, against the law, a felony — because he thought Trump was too soft on Russia.
    Good God, who ever appointed McCabe the last word on America’s enemies? We are a republic. Mid level bureaucrats do not determine our foreign policy. We elect people to do that.

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