It Could Be Me

I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 – I couldn’t quite do it.

But if things keep going the way George Bardemesser – a self-described “moderate Republican” – describes them, I probably will next time.

Was I worried? Hell, yeah! Was I depressed? You bet. But, really, what options were there? Hillary? Jill Stein? Seriously? Trump wasn’t my first choice or my second choice or my third choice, but by the time November 2016 rolled around, Trump was the only choice on the menu. So I swallowed hard, took a leap of faith, and pulled the lever for the Donald.
Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen Are Non-Issues For Me
And let me tell ya, every time one of these newly minted Democratic “stars” opens their mouth, the same thought goes through my mind: Thank God for Trump. Trump is my last line of defense. Trump is the only thing that stands between me and these hallucinogenic socialist nut jobs. Trump is what’s keeping chaos and left-wing insanity at bay…today, every single Democrat I can name is working overtime to make damn certain that I will pull the lever for Trump again, and with both hands this time. Trump need not worry about locking down my vote––the Democrats are doing all the heavy lifting.

Both hands – as in, “not saving a hand to plug my nose”.

18 thoughts on “It Could Be Me

  1. If the Democratic contenders continue talking about reparations I will guarantee you Trump will be President for a second term. I’ve never seen such an amazing display of self-delusion and self-sabotage.

  2. And I had to hold my nose and vote for Hilary, yet, given the behavior and ineptitude of this President, I will gladly vote for anyone other than him who is close to reasonable. There’s nearly no chance that we’ll have “Medicare for All” or free college education for all, or a host of other ideas. Those are ideas which are intended to spark the conversation about doing something to begin to reverse the massive economic damage done to the country by trickle-down economics. I realize, Mitch, that you feel it’s taxes to pay for social programs and government overreach and regulation which have caused massive issues in our country but not sure how you reconcile those problems with the vast shift of wealth to the top. In theory, those regulations should have stifled profits, they didn’t and haven’t. Those taxes should have kept the wealthy from accumulating vast treasures, they haven’t. We have a country controlled by business, not the other way around, and people are tired of it. If you chose to vote for someone who has ONLY acted to increase that control, and to increase the gap between the common man, to make their lives harder, that’s your decision, but please do it with both eyes wide-open as well as both hands on the lever. I’m certain I’m doing the same.

  3. I was an incredibly reluctant Trump voter, that being said Im glad you are slowly coming around Mitch because the #NeverTrmp BS you were part of for WAYYY too long made me think you would rather have an articulate Hillary destroy this country (which she would have, dont kid yourself) than Trump, with a admittedly unrefined and nasty edge (which frankly more people on our side need) .

    Trump wasn’t my first choice or my second choice or my third choice, but by the time November 2016 rolled around, Trump was the only choice on the menu.
    That is exactly how I felt as well. I think I told this story before but when I went into the voting booth on election day 2016 I went in, looked up and said “Forgive me God for what I am about to do.” before I circled Trumps name. After I submitted my ballot I said “Holy shit, Ive never needed a drink worse in my life.” So yeah that was my initial level of enthusiasm for Trump as president. Saying it was zero would have been, optimistic at best. But, I could never ever in a million years vote for that c*nt Hillary. I have been nothing short of impressed and stunned at his policy moves. I dont care about what he says or his (admittedly) sometimes irrational and crazy tweets, I care about policy and what he does.

  4. Trump was my 5th or so choice in the primary. I liked his position on trade and immigration, but I didn’t trust him on anything else.

    The general was no problem for me: Hillary was on the ballot rather than facing jail time, so it was a no-brainer and no nose-holding was required. I’d heard too many first person accounts of government folks (Democrats even!) who had to interact with her to even consider voting for such a misanthrope.

    Now? I still don’t like Trump as a person, but as a President he’s done pretty well, especially given the Democrat/MSM opposition. I’ve dealt with his type in business, and as a VC he’d be one of the more tame and ethical ones. So no, I wouldn’t go out of my way to have a Diet Coke with him after work, but as a boss and leader I’ve seen far, far worse.

  5. It’s interesting (to me anyways) that I saw a speech that Trump gave in April of 2016 (do a search on “april 2016 trump speech foreign policy institute”). It was great, addressed what I wanted addressed as well as how, and he did it without notes or a teleprompter (from what I can tell). Put me completely in his camp and it only got better after that. Never even looked back. Always wondered what it was that raised suspicions, annoyed, or just PO’d those who became anti-Trump.

    On the other hand, I went from the “burn it all down” camp to Trump. It was probably easier for me because I had already lost faith in all things government what with the aftermath of Obama years and the soon-to-be Hillary years. Being a knuckle-dragging, cretinous, semi-rural deplorable who likes guns, trucks, and boobs, it was easy to like the construction foreman that is Trump. Even if he lost.

    I’m glad to see you all not-Trumpers catching up because as the headline states in a new, haha-only-serious article in the Babylon Bee, “Candidates Propose Changes To Fix Flaw In Constitution That Allows Republicans To Be Elected”. We’re there now.

  6. Prince, what changes Hilary would have made do you think would have destroyed this country? Were they more dangerous than withdrawing from NATO? Were they more dangerous than acquiescing to the demands of Kim Jong Un and giving him a public forum where he never had one before while getting nothing?

    I didn’t like Hilary, but I knew something which is not so public, namely that, unlike what Nerdbert feels, people in NYC knew Trump was the bottom-of-the-barrel/bottom-feeder of business-men in the city. If you wanted to do business with someone who couldn’t get a loan from a reputable bank, who was known to have had dealings with the Russian mob, who was known to lie, cheat and steal, (and that’s why you saw him doing business with DB, a bank which has gotten in huge trouble for money-laundering, allegedly I guess… ) then you did business with one Donald J Trump. He SOUNDS tough, but he’s not. He caves to Russian WMD attacks, he caves to NK, he caves to the Saudis murdering journalists. He blames China for US white business men moving jobs to China, and note he’s not been successful getting US companies to “move jobs back”, they’ve either automated instead or ignored him Manufacturing job growth is no different than it was under Obama in his last 6 years, and on immigration, again, he blames the victims of wage exploitation by US food growers (and others) rather than holding the employers, the REAL motivators for immigration – take away the lure of that money and you’ll solve your immigration issue – and he’s done nothing meaningful to address people who overstay their visa, the single greatest source of illegal immigration, and instead promotes a wall which people will make useless. Those aren’t accomplishments I’d point to. I’d further question a man who says he’ll listen to his generals yet perfunctorily removes our forces in Syria, a move clearly approved of (and requested by??) Vladimr Putin – so that the Assad government, with Russian and Turkish help, can squash the democratic resistance in Syria, including killing our longtime allies, the Kurds and do so w/o the risk of inadvertently killing US troops. That’s not strong, that’s weak. That’s facile and it’s very typical Trump.

    Instead, we need to seriously consider how to address the vast inequalities in our economy. I am aware of a a company in which investors made a sizeable investment, and they certainly took a BIG risk, as compared to most corporate investors now who borrow under an LLC’s name and if it goes south, they bailout through bankruptcy, something you couldn’t do with your student loans, btw. But at that company those investors have been been paid back about 5 fold so far- when the company is sold, they’ll be paid back further, to the tune of 20 – 30 fold, the workers, the people who generated the ideas, who put in the time, will get a piece of that action, and those owners are VERY generous compared to the average, but not anything like 40% or 50%. I would ask you whether you think a company which say employs 400 people whether one person should get as much/more pay than all of the other 399 employees combined per year? Do you think that’s a good model? I don’t. That model has worked to impoverish our middle-class and seriously erode our infrastructure. This model has to change. It’s not going to change by threatening China with tariffs, that only drives up cost to US consumers

  7. I had no trouble voting for Trump. Quite frankly, I liked his gloves off counter punching style. Sometimes I wish he’d count to 10 before he tweets, we all know that there is no way that the media can twist his words. The deep state can’t be buy him, he donates his salary to underfunded government departments and he has turned the left wing into a bunch of triggered babies. The fact that he’s got the Democrat party imploding, is just a bonus.

  8. Forgot to mention that my wife and I paid about $2,000 less in taxes this year than last year.

  9. Penigma, the first thing that could have well destroyed the country is that the Russians and Chinese most likely have everything that was on Hilliary’s illegal server, and would have “showed” her those contents at opportune times when she needed to make a choice about whether to appease or oppose them.

    Then you’ve got her record (Benghazi, ahem) and support of Obama’s foreign policy, support of his domestic policy….yeah, it’s pretty big. I held my nose voting for Trump, but it wasn’t a hard decision given the crook he was running against.

  10. Withdrawing from NATO would be a good thing, I wish Trump would. The United Nations, too. The Russians aren’t going to land paratroops to invade us and Belgium can’t afford to help if they do. Our unilateral war guarantee subsidizes Europe’s moral risk.

    Saudis murdering journalists; Syrians, Turks or Kurds killing each other; Chinese exterminating Uighur Muslims (you forgot those); none of these are our problems. The United States is not the world’s policeman.

    People who overstayed their visas should be deported but rounding them up only means the immigration court backlog gets bigger. We need a temporary moratorium on all immigration until they catch up, including refugees and people seeking asylum, which a Democrat Congress won’t pass and Obama appointees on the bench won’t uphold. Can’t blame Trump for that.

    Finally, the President has NO authority to address economic inequities in society and shouldn’t try. The fact Liberals blame him for it only means they don’t understand his Constitutional role. He’s President, not King, despite what Baracus Obamus the First might have thought and The Lizard Queen would have wished, had she ascended the Rose Garden Throne.

  11. I voted for Daryll Castle in 2016 (Constitution Party).
    In my current deep blue state, it makes no difference for whom I vote. If the stock market behaves itself, I may be a Wisconsin resident in 2020. If I am I will pull the lever for Trump.
    It seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it? Work in Hawaii for three decades, use the money I’ve saved to retire early to Polk County, Wisconsin.

  12. MP
    you’ll have to replace bicycling up and down the side of a volcano with making the 47 (77 if you cross the border into MN) mile trek on the Gandy Dancer Trail – the county and DNR do a pretty good job of maintaining it.

  13. MWheeler – When I was there last summer I did Brown’s Creek Trail (5 miles or so) on a borrowed bicycle.
    The problem with bicycling on the Big Island is that it is all slopes. The ride I do daily, weather allowing, is from my subdivision to Waldron Ledge in HVNP & return. Eight miles, with a four hundred foot climb, and that is one of the flattest rides I can do around here.

  14. One of the top benefits of the Trump administration (among several), is the flushing out of the leftist’s end game.

    Think about it. The reprobate leadership today is demanding:

    – Restrictions on the 1st amendment
    – Revocation of the 2nd amendment
    – 5 more SCOTUS justices to nullify Trump’s picks
    – Nullification of federal jurisdiction over immigration
    – Active opposition to federal law enforcement agencies
    – The replacement of Capitalism with Socialism
    – The nullification of the Electoral College
    – The memory holing of American history
    – The denigration of our founders
    – The elimination of Western culture
    – The elimination of whitey

    Did I miss anything?

    I would enjoy staking these degenerates out in the desert, to the 3rd generation.

  15. Listing the horrors of today’s leftists just earned me moderation. I can understand that; it’s pretty hard to take.

  16. Also its NCAA tourney time so while I would normally respond I will kindly tell Pen to go fuck himself and get a life, there are other interests out there and Im not justifying myself to someone who actually thinks Hillary would have been good for this country and is so blinded by partisanship that he cant see the economic good Trump has done.

  17. I have to admit that I really thought Donald would be (D)light. And I couldn’t vote for Hillary, although I was sure she would carry MN. So to make things difficult for the DFL in the future, I voted Stein, hoping that the Green party would achieve major party status and cause problems for the DFL in the future.

    On the plus side, Donald has been far more conservative than I expected. He is still a boor on a personal level, but has been a better President than I expected.

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