Open Letter To The University Of North Dakota

To: The University Of North Dakota Wildcats Or Bobcats Or Moose Or Whatever You Are These Days, Other Than “Sioux”, Good Heavens, Not That
From: Mitch Berg – Native and obstreporous peasant
Re: This is how you do it.


As the subject line says – this is how the PC war is fought.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “Open Letter To The University Of North Dakota

  1. I always hated cowboys because cowboys stole the Indian’s land.

    But then I got thinking….

    Who did the Indians steal their land from?

    Take for instance the Lakota, who the cowboys stole the Black Hills from. When Custer rode into the Little Bighorn, who were his guides?

    Why, they were Anikara.

    You see, the Lakota practiced genocide against the Anikara people and stole their land. But the Lakota can be excused for doing that because they were victims of the Ojibwe, who stole their land.

    All of this doesn’t excuse one group of people from stealing the land of another. That is why Trump should build a wall.

    But what it does say, is that cowboys and white people, as guilty as they might be, are not exceptional and should be respected for what they did and did not do just as much as anybody else.

  2. One interesting fact about cowboys of the early post-bellum era was that about a third of them were black–and another huge portion were former Confederate soldiers whose homes had been destroyed by Sherman’s march to the Sea. Also worth noting is that in Wyoming, the Indian wars appear (if sites are representative) to have a lot more to do with the route of the Oregon Trail and the Transcontinental Railroad than cowboys. It’s also worth noting that without the railroad, and without the depletion of the gigantic herds of longhorns in Texas, it made no sense to start cowboying in Wyoming.

    But we won’t let facts get in the way of our dialogue here. Obviously saying the world needs more cowboys is racist and all that.

  3. Yeah, Bikebubba, if you want to know who “stole” the frontier from the Indians, look at the history of land titles. Just about every place in the Midwest and West goes back to a railroad and no further.

  4. MP
    enormous tracts of land in northern MN stop at the name Pillsbury who was buying up the land from the govt for a penny an acre in many cases.

  5. The quote of the millennium just appeared at Powerline this afternoon.

    “You can vote your way into Socialism, but you have to shoot your way out.”

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