The Climate Fundie’s Quandary

How do climate proponents of anthropomorphic global warming reconcile these articles: this article , and this one .
20 years ago, climate scientists confidently assured me that as the planet warmed, snowfall would cease.  I assume their assurance was based on some scientific model linking CO2 to increasing temperatures to melting polar ice, etc.  But we just had a record snowfall even as CO1 readings and global temperatures continue to rise.  Does that mean there’s a flaw in the model?
This is a serious question, because at the moment, it looks as if the model has failed as a predictor and that brings into question the value of the AGW theory in general.
Joe Doakes

You’re wrong, because shut up .

5 thoughts on “The Climate Fundie’s Quandary

  1. I like this tweet, (it’s not mine):

    Climate change is the one true religion for the atheistic left. One must “believe without question”, skeptics are called “deniers”, and nonbelievers are “heretics” who they would burn at the stake, except that might increase carbon emissions.

  2. AOC sez we should stop reproducing. Well if the people who believe in man made global warming stop having kids, and those who dont believe in it have lots of kids, the problem solves itself.

  3. “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” – Gordon A. Eadie

    Great quote, perfectly encapsulates the far left

  4. What snow?

    Only the far Alt-Right denies the end of snow.

    Just as the models predicted, snow stopped falling years ago.

  5. Don’t you get a kick out of people who believe that the World Will End in 12 years explaining that there is no crisis on the border?

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