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  1. Maduro and Trump were both elected, and both seem lacking skills and abilities in performing their jobs, yet both legitimate.

  2. Only the Venezuelans can determine if Maduro is their legitimate head of state. Apparently he has been found wanting.
    Emery, Ilhan Omar, and Bernie Sanders agree with Putin (but not the Venezuelan assembly) that Maduro is the legitimate head of state of Venezuela. I wonder what dirt Putin has on Emery, Omar, and Sanders?

  3. How about Trump exporting ”democracy” and ”freedom” to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE? 

    These are all American allies. They, I suppose, could be more easily persuaded to accept a version of Jeffersonian democracy? Trump should try for that with Woolly’s intellectual support. When that’s accomplished, next stop China!

    Like all Trump initiatives (North Korea, etc), the goal is just a couple of days of positive TV coverage on Fox, usually to distract us from something else we should be noticing.  

  4. Thanks for proving, yet again, what a left wing troll you are Emery.

    Like the rest of your socialist buddies in the DemocRAT party, you obviously ignore the fact that since Trump’s visit with Kim, no missiles have been flying out of North Korea and they are having discussions and meetings with the South for the first time since the Korean War ended. I’d say he got more than just a “couple of days of positive news coverage”. But, keep trying snowflake!

  5. I’m pleased to see that Trump supports the principle that an incompetent President should be replaced by the Speaker of the Legislature mid-term. I wonder if this was fully explained to him?

  6. Emery, the sad thing is that in many critical ways, the nations you name are far ahead of Venezuela. At least for men, you’ve got economic freedom and the rule of law, along with some degree of religious freedom and freedom of speech. You don’t even have that much in Venezuela or its patron, Cuba.

    Unless, of course, you view it as critically important that residents be able to fornicate and prostitute themselves with impunity, in which case Venezuela and Cuba are far ahead of the other nations, but some of us do not consider that so important.

  7. If the US was serious about overthrowing non-democratic regimes, it would have started with its many autocratic allies in the Middle East and elsewhere. Egypt is a case in point, where a democratically elected government was toppled by a military dictatorship, and which is receiving cash aid from Washington. 

  8. Emery is basting in hate again. Beats me how people on the left can consider themselves rational actors.
    The Venezuelan national assembly rejected Maduro’s re-election as illegitimate earlier this month.

  9. Emery has a point. The entire notion of exporting democracy is rooted in the notion that Western Civilization in general and representative democracy in specific is the best form of organization for the most people in any society. What an enormously offensively paternalistic notion. It’s the modern version of the White Man’s Burden, bringing enlightenment to the ignorant savages.

    Emery is right, we should leave other nations alone to kill each other and die in squalor. America First!

  10. Both Russia and China were/are courting Maduro as a strategic partner.
    Only a bad case of TDS blinds you to the fact that the US has always considered the Western Hemisphere its “near abroad.” Venezuela is on the Caribbean, just a three hour commercial flight from Miami.
    The irrationality of the Left will be its downfall. Along with its lack of imaginary power and its inability to engage in anything like critical self reflection.

  11. Emery is pasting it in from a Northern Midwest state. We know that because he’s got time to kill.

    The schools are closed, the kids are home, the Free Candy van won’t start so he’s free to sort through his trophy collection and share the insane crap he reads while cruising the Dark web for exciting video clips.

  12. There is more than one Emery, and at least one is a Michangander.
    In my humble opinion.

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