Comforting The Comfortable

To: Andrew Zimmern, Celebrity Chef
From: Mitch Berg, irascible peasant
Re: Appreciation!


I caught this on Twitter over the past weekend:

Glad to see you’ll be giving “Free” food to people who missed two checks…

…well, no. Wait. They had two checks delayed before getting it all paid back, amid a national welter of corporate virtue signaling of financial support – extremely low-interest loans, offers to skip payments, and, well, free food.

I and a few million private sector workers would have loved some of that ‘compassion” when we were struggling.

Know what I heard from one bill collector when I was out of work back in 2003? “Get a job”.

Hold that thought, Chef.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “Comforting The Comfortable

  1. I have a different take. This isn’t charity, it’s not even good will, it’s targeted advertising. It’s like Sears giving military families a discount at Christmas time, or Whole Foods banning guns on their premises. The idea is to make the shopper feel special, part of an exclusive group – in this case, the We Hate Trump Just Like You crowd.

    This particular restaurant is located at 394 and Highway 100 in St. Louis Park serving Chinese food “made from natural, organic and local ingredients plus a world-class Tiki bar.” The Asian restaurant market in the Twin Cities is pretty well saturated so they’ve got to do something to stand out. They’re offering to give away their own product to support a trendy cause which people in that high-buck neighborhood are likely to approve. Should be good for a few approving comments on Yelp. And what can it cost? How many federal government workers are willing to drive to St. Louis Park for free dim sum?

  2. Handing out free food is cruel, Emery? I take it you’ve got some experience with this particular restaurant?

    And hey, if you’re actually talking about the shutdown, well, keep in mind that all spending bills start with the House of Representatives. I heartily approve blaming them!

    But to the topic, it would indeed be ironic and delightful if lots of federal workers did indeed make the trip to St. Louis Park for a gimme (spending more to drive there than they’d save in the restaurant bill of course) and ended up bankrupting this particular virtue-signaler. We have to remember that government types do indeed tend to have the Kim Jong Un touch–that everything they touch turns to (per the recent 5 year plan) s***.

  3. This reprobate was set upon by the horde couple months ago for…wait for it…cultural appropriation.

    See, a balding Whyman *cannot* run a Chinese restaurant. That’s reserved for the Wang family; Woo taking the money, his wife Win seating the Caucasians and the kids, Wendy and Will bussing tables with uncle Wing slinging the MSG in back.

    Zimmern is trying to dial it back, but the leftist horde doesn’t forget, there isn’t any Chinese population in Minnesota and Americans don’t eat where the owner thinks fried maggots are food.

  4. Dunning_Kruger, wearing a little pair of Spongebob undapants on his head, drunkenly slurs, apropos of nothing…

    “Its a damn cruel way to resolve a political dispute”

    …and slumps back down.

  5. Its a damn cruel way to resolve a political dispute.

    Leftists don’t like it when we’re as ruthless as them.

  6. Leftists don’t like it when we’re as ruthless as them.

    Im just glad we got someone in the White House that will actually fight for principals I agree with. I also think they arent used to it Ian because for the last 2 decades the Republicans had always ended up nominating a sissy who actually cares what the NYT thinks about them. We have someone in there now who not only doesnt care but will shoot back and all these Leftist media types have the vapors because they cant say anything without him firing back. Its hilariously awesome.

  7. these Leftist media types have the vapors because they cant say anything without him firing back.

    Agreed, pod. Bullies, be they in the school hallways or hallowed halls of Congress, have something in common: Their power comes from successful intimidation of their victims. When you confront them with equal or superior force, they have trouble coping.

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