5 thoughts on “He Fought Soccer

  1. In all seriousness that is pretty frightening. I thought Ghana was improving, guess not.

  2. Probably overpayment of a speech Bill gave to the government asking for donations to the Clinton foundation that would surely go to proper causes and not to line her pockets or anything unseemly like that. Because we all know the Clinton’s are honest and not massively corrupt or anything like that…

  3. Reminds me of a while back when Andres Escobar, a player for Columbia, was murdered in the aftermath of an “own goal” from the 1994 World Cup. When nothing good can happen for you, economically speaking, in honest labor, things like drugs and sports assume an outsized importance.

  4. Keep Ahmed Hussein-Suale in mind next month when Hollywood queues up behind the mic at The Oscars to congratulate each other on the courage it takes to be fashionably leftist.

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