Heads We Come Here, Tails We Move Here

Last week, I was listening to NPR.

I know, I know. Worth with me, here.

I can’t find it online – I didn’t try all that hard, but then I suspect it’s not the only piece like this. that’s going to turn up if you look hard enough.

An earnest-sounding SEIU leader – y’know, a non-biased, politically-objective source, solemnly intoned:

“We don’t want to politicize the border and immigration issue . We just want policy to reflect the changing patterns of migration”

In other words: we want “ignore the national boundary so that people can migrate north to join our power base” to become the new normal.

Oddly, the NPR host said nothing about this.

2 thoughts on “Heads We Come Here, Tails We Move Here

  1. It is always worthwhile to make policy positions like this – or the one described the in the gun grabber post below – attractive to middle class people, upper middle class “white” women in particular. Then the positions become good and reasonable ones to hold and present to others by the Pretentious Anchors and Info Babes so Mr and Mrs Concerned Citizen can vote the correct way.

  2. … as long as those dangerous-behind-a-keyboard MFs tweeting about Scalise are keep in the background and not seen as the true face of the left (Brigitte Gabriel lives).

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