A Fool’s Errand

Well, the Trump administration is making moves to ban “bump stocks” – mechanical devices that speed up semi-automatic firing.

That’ll have an effect on firearm homicides – right?

What do you think?

And it’s not limited to ARs. Other firearms, down through handguns, can be jury rigged to “bump fire”. Not that you’d want to – it’s a great way to burn up money and hit nothing you’re shooting at.

Well, the good news is that they have no intention of stopping with this utterly meaningless result.


6 thoughts on “A Fool’s Errand

  1. You miss the whole point, Mitch. It will do something: it will stop the sale of those scary looking $400 AR bump stocks! That will make all those progressive activists FEEL like they’ve done something, and intention and the feelz are all that matter to progressives.

  2. One almost wonders if this is just a diversionary tactic to do precisely nothing while persuading the left that big things are happening. That noted, I’m still very glad we’ve got the Senate to (theoretically) stand in the way of significant moves.

  3. “Trump rebranding as a progressive?”

    I don’t understand Republicans who think Trump is a conservative nor do I understand Democrats who think Trump isn’t a progressive. Trump is whatever he thinks will help his brand.

  4. “Trump is whatever he thinks will help his brand.”

    And I’d still vote for him any time over Hillary.

  5. I can understand not wanting Hillary. I didn’t vote for either. I don’t trust either of them.

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