Disparity Of Power

Feminists have spent the last forty years convincing men thatn “no means no”.

So far so good.

They’ve spent a chunk of the last fifteen convincing first universities, then courts, that a “no”, even one applied retroactively and contradictorily, hours or days or months after the fact, really meant “no” even if it was an explicit “Yes” in the first place.

Feminist dogma has it than men are stupid – but some have developed a sense of self-preservation, and are starting to get affirmative consent on video immediately before, er, doing something that needs consent.

And, predictdably, feminists are bunged about that, too:

[Feminists] are not pleased with the idea of consent videos and their “problematic” ramifications.

In the case with [a woman complaining about the videos, idiot Brit feminist writer Rachel King] complains that the “implication” of a consent video “is that those in a position of power are the ones who need protection, and that’s just not true.”

I try to be polite.  I really do.  And I try to treat people they way I’d like to be treated.

Which is how I rationalize the following – because if I were being a complete dumbass like Rachel King, I’d hope someone pointed it out to me.

Rachel.  Dumbass.  Men don’t have the power.   When a woman has the ability to ruin a man’s life over a false, flighty or stretchy accusation, the idea of “male power” is as quaint as an episode of “Leave It To Beaver”.

King, who mocked that “it’s apparently ‘a scary time for young men,'”

(Love the patrohization, Rachel.  Also – eat s**t and die a painful death)

also emphasized that false accusations just don’t happen,

Duke.  Virginia Tech.  Every f****ng word out of Lena Dunham’s mouth.

pointing to a popularized hashtag on Twitter as evidence. “In reality, the vitriol that victims of rape and sexual assault are subject to is enough to put anyone off making a false report. If you don’t believe me, check out the #WhyIDidntReport tag on Twitter,” she wrote.

I’m done playing nice with these morons.


8 thoughts on “Disparity Of Power

  1. In retrospect I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten this far in life without some C U Next Tuesday falsely accusing me of anything.

  2. with the emerging confluence of AI and Sexbots expect that well within 10 years the likelihood of a college, high school, or any single male wanting to take the risk with a human female when the more varied, more skilled and always compliant sexbot is available (and cheaper – no dinner and dancing) will represent a rapidly diminishing demographic. Who would send their son off to college without making sure he had regular access to a sexbot. What college boy with ambition would want to risk his future on a human female who could change her mind in 30 years and ruin his life?
    Guys will be able to “save” themselves for marriage.
    This is a power curve that feminists will never be able to get in front of.

  3. Wait – I know this one. I remember the chart.

    She didn’t ask you. She’s a writer for Evening Standard, making her an expert. You are mansplaining. Just stop.

    In other words: “Never attempt to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

  4. It’s telling that the author doesn’t mention that of reports made to police, 2-10% are found false, another portion are false but the police can’t prove it, and….only 2% of people accused do any jail time apart from that when arrested.

    So even apart of the medical (STDs) and relational hazards of hooking up, you’ve got a significant risk of being wrongfully accused. Now how bad that is on average, I don’t know, but I do know that Mike Nifong’s victims can tell you something about how bad it can get.

  5. BB, Mike Nifongs victims were Duke Lacross players, Im pretty sure mommy and daddy will make sure theyll be just fine. Dont confuse their innocense with them being decent people. Id bet most of them are annoying scumballs who girls on campus avoided like the plague.

  6. No argument that guys who would hire a stripper for a party might not exactly be the salt of the earth, but if the law doesn’t work for people the rest of us don’t respect, it doesn’t work for us, either. Being raped by the justice and education systems leaves a mark, no matter how prosperous, scummy, or whatever a person is.

    Thankfully, all three accused have graduated from college, two with graduate degrees, and will not need to rely on the large settlements provided them by Mike Nifong’s former employer to make a living.

    Sadly, tens of thousands of other men learn every year what it’s like to lose relationships, lose jobs, and have one’s wealth drained billable hour by billable hour while worried sick over whether disputable evidence becomes seen as actionable, or irrelevant. And that’s why people are asking for these sick videos.

  7. Long-time SITD readers will recall I not only predicted this development, I volunteered to do something about it.

    Two basic facts: in today’s society, you must produce video or nobody will believe you (see: Keith Ellison’s victim). And two, feminists insist that men must obtain unequivocal verbal consent at each stage of sexual contact or be guilty of rape. The obvious conclusion is men must demand sex videos for their own safety. Sound and lighting and camera angle will be as important as condoms.

    Those videos must be stored somewhere. I volunteer to curate the collection. Because that’s just the kind of helpful guy I am.

  8. Those videos must be stored somewhere. I volunteer to curate the collection. Because that’s just the kind of helpful guy I am.


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