Spree Shootings: Burying The Lede

Last month, we covered the story of an attempted mass shooting at a Kroger in Louisville, KY.

The article I wrote was based on media reporting that said that the killer told one of his victims “whites don’t kill whites”.   The killing was later ended by a good guy with a carry permit.

As John Lott points out (in an article I’ll be revisiting later this week), the media left out a key fact of the story:

National media outlets such as ABC and NBC covered the attack, noting that the alleged gunman told another white man that: “Whites don’t kill whites.” It sounded as if the gunman was merely reassuring a bystander that he had nothing to worry about. But reporters left out the crucial first part of the quote. The killer said: “Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.” The other white person was pointing a permitted concealed handgun at the killer.

The killer ran, murdered another (black) woman, before being engaged by Dominic Rozier, a good guy with a gun and a family to defend.

There’s a lot of other good stuff in the article; more later this week.


8 thoughts on “Spree Shootings: Burying The Lede

  1. I gotta step in here.

    Our Constitutional guarantee to keep and bear arms is under attack; I get it. But listen. It’s never gonna happen. It would take an amendment, which in the current year has ZERO chance of happening. And even if it was attempted, anyone that has not armed themselves to the teeth and isn’t awash in ammunition by now isn’t going to. In any case, it wouldn’t happen without refreshing the Tree of Liberty again.

    What y’all should be worried about is the mass invasion of low IQ, uneducated, unskilled migrants coming up here from 3rd world shitholes in search of free stuff. The ones who have an *average* of 3.8 children per woman. Reprobate leftists have evidently concluded that being overwhelmed by foreign nationals won’t affect them, and those that do see it will affect them are ready to lay on the sacrificial alter to relieve their white guilt. The self-loathing they exhibit is unparalleled in history.

    In addition to being low IQ, and unskilled, these migrants come from cultures that cultivate dictatorships, and embrace Socialism. They want someone else to take care of them. They are perfectly willing to give up as much freedom as necessary to be taken care of. They *will* vote to repeal the 2nd Amendment…and the 1st and whichever others they are told to repeal in exchange for free stuff.

    If you can’t see the real danger when it is literally storming the border, there’s nothing I can say that will wake you up.

  2. “Moderation again…I’m on a roll.”

    Coulda been the “shithole” reference #justsaying

  3. Interesting to find out if the moderation software is just as leftwing as so much else in the hi-tech world.

  4. The self-loathing they exhibit is unparalleled in history.

    I pretty much agree with the rest – well put, btw – but not this. I have been reading a lot of history of late (two words, Paul Johnson), and I’m convinced that nothing is new under the sun in human behavior. And if you think it is, it’s just because you’re either ignorant or the info has been lost in the sands of time and consequently, you’re still ignorant.

  5. I dunno, jdm. The guy who said: “Carthego delenda est” was not, himself, Carthaginian. But America-loathing was pretty much the theme underlying the entire Obama Administration. What other nation hates itself as much as Liberals hate America and want to remake it more like Venezuela, Cuba, Red China or the former Soviet Union?

  6. That’s not bad, JD, but it’s not quite a fair comparison; it is interesting you would bring up Rome tho’.

    I am intrigued by the similarities between the immigration policies of US (and/or Europe) and the Roman Empire’s policies regarding the Germanic tribes. I believe the Roman birth rates were falling at this time and that the Goths were supposedly a remedy. And when the Hun/Mongol invasions chased the Goths towards the Empire there were also a movement to let in the Goths as a humanitarian gesture. Could it be that there was Rome-loathing among some of the Roman elite. I don’t know, but I find the other similarities interesting.

  7. What will the reprobates do when suddenly, they realize the people they pilfered the cash from to finance their free stuff are suddenly only 1/3 of the population, completely incapable of supporting the 2/3 moocher majority?

    We’ve seen the thought processes of the most recent waves of immigrants; Somalis; Ethiopians; Mexicans; Hondurans; Guatemalans. They are ENTITLED to US citizenship and all of the free stuff they can lay their hands on.

    When their dependents riot, and come for them, the leftists will blame Capitalism.

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