When You’re Making Your Weekend Plans

My band, “Elephant in the Room”, is playing Friday and Saturday nights at the Eagles in Stillwater.

We’ll be playing from 8 ’til midnight.   We’re a classic rock band that does stuff from the ’50s through the ’90s.   And it features our “new” lead singer, former NARN producer Tommy, who can do Led Zeppelin ,Guns and Roses and the Offspring with style.   Seriously – this isn’t your grandpa’s Elephant in the Room.

It’s a fun room, excellent food, drinks aren’t too expensive, and we have a lot of fun playing the joint!

2 thoughts on “When You’re Making Your Weekend Plans

  1. Sounds like fun, wish I could make it. I smile about “drinks aren’t too expensive.” I once heard about someone being charged $12 for a White Russian at the Fraternal Order of Eagles #33 in St Paul! I know the Stillwater chapter has better prices.

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