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I came across this on my cyber paper route today and it caught my interest as a Scotch/Whiskey/Bourbon drinker (in moderation, of course)…

We can make so much more of malt whisky as an industry,” said Thomson, 54, who submitted plans for local government approval on Nov. 12. “We haven’t even begun to tap into the potential interest.”

Economic gains in China and India are fueling a growth market for the better booze.

I like to sip Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels and recently started a bottle of Old Weller Antique 107 (thanks Dad).

What are your favorite malt spirits?

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  1. I’ve been partial to Glenfiddich since being introduced to single malts in ’79, but I currently have a nice Isle of Jura 16 that’s very smooth.

  2. Never been a big whiskey drinker. More into vodka.

    As noted elsehwere in this blog, the first single-malt I genuinely enjoyed was some 30-year-old Laphroaig that I had at a friend’s place a few years back. It was just wonderful. Of course, I’d kicked off the evening with a couple of Pims’ and several Stoly/tonics, but it was a standout. And for 180 and change a bottle, it’d have better have (although the host had gotten it at the Laphroaig distillery outlet shop, presumably for a bargain).

    I had a Lagavulin for New Years last year, and an Oban at a MOB party a few years ago; I enjoyed both, but not to a habit-or-preference-forming extent.

    Other than that? About every 30 months or so I buy a bottle of Jack and keep it so carefully hidden that it usually takes me a year to finish it.

  3. Lagavulin
    Black Bottle
    Big Smoke

    Roosh, moderation is important, especially when it comes to moderation. 😉

  4. Favorites: Windsor, Johnny Walker (red/black), Vat 69, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Lord Calvert, Canadian Club, Canadian Mist, Seagram’s 7, Seagram’s Crown Royal, Makers Mark, Chivas Regal, Glenlevit, Devars, Jameson, Paddy’s, Bushmills, Black & White…….I’m think I missed some!

    It’s rough being Irish!!!!!!

  5. Balvenie and MacAllen for a high-class bump; Bulleit and Buffalo Trace for workaday spirit needs. Love Maker’s Mark. Not a devotee of your peatier beverages.

  6. 15 (and older) Laphroaig for that mossy peaty fix.
    Jameson’s for everyday fix.
    Booker’s for that need to get drunk NOW fix.

  7. Due to an incident that occurred in my late teens I am unable to drink malt spirits without becoming nauseous. This incident need not be described to be imagined.

  8. The Macallan is good Scotch. Also like Oban, Glenrosthes, Glenmorangie, (“a Glen, any Glen..” –Swingers), Cardhu, the Dalmore, and Dalwhinnie. For something a little different try Tomintoul billed as the “gentle dram.” Or Penderyn which is a single malt Welsh whisky. Nice heat.

    Lileks is correct that Buffalo Trace is a good everyday whiskey. Elijah Craig is also good and I think the regular WL Weller and Evan Williams are decent too.

  9. As an experienced drinker (read: functioning alcoholic)

    Glenfiddich, Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey.

    Jack is for cough-syrup drinkers. Bleah! Terrible!

    More into Vodka — Minnesota’s own Shaker, or Stoli org., especially for bloody mary.


    Two Brother’s Bitter End Pale Ale
    Current fav: Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale
    also, Victory’s Prima Pils
    and many, many more…

  10. Seriously, how can you imagine drinking anything but genuine sourmash Kentucky bourbon?

    Old Crow. $10.99 a quart.

    Been drinking it well over 30 years, since some friends and I gave a buddy’s older brother $20 to buy for us and he, being no fool, bought Old Crow so as not to cut into his net.

    Druid spirits from the northern isles are for seducing sheep. Bourbon!


  11. I like Eagle Rare for bourbon (although Buffalo Trace is also good) and Speysides and Islays for Scotchs. I have a horrible memory, so I go to Zips and have them recommend something. Never fails.

    And Kettle One for vodka.

    Haven’t tried Laphroaig or Shakers. I’ll have to put those on the list.

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