Berg’s Seventh Law – Ripped From The Headlines

“Anti”-Fa thugs terrorize Tucker Carlson’s family.

And then journalistic Dash OK, “journalistic” Dash thugs justify it:

The reason Big Left talks so much about the “wave of right ing terror” that’s sure to be coming any day now for the past twenty years is that they desperately need something to actually fit their narrative; raw projection alone only carries you so far outside the Democrat base…

6 thoughts on “Berg’s Seventh Law – Ripped From The Headlines

  1. It is a lot more primitive than that, Mitch. They are simply reveling in the thrill that motivates every bully, “we can do to you what you can’t do to us.”

  2. Yglesias, it has been established, is a first rate idiot.
    The people Yglesias has so much sympathy for have broken the law and are not threatened with violence.
    Tucker’s family has broken no laws and has been threatened with violence.
    Ponder the grasp of logical distinctions and reason that was conveyed to Yglesias with his BA philosophy from Harvard.

  3. And yet if the residents took Vice President Biden’s advice and fired a shotgun through the door to keep the attackers at bay . . . .

  4. Carlson said they forced his door; cracked it. In SC that’s more than enough to bring the wife’s Shockwave into play.

  5. I want to know what this supposed “MAGA-inspired violence” is. I would like to see news articles showing how conservatives/Trump supporters committed violence.

    Note: wearing clothing that inspires negative emotions in SJWs/snowflakes is not “violence”

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