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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Fox News reports that the ‘caravan’ migrants are boarding busses chartered by the local government in Mexico.  They don’t want the migrants in their area so they’re paying for busses to ship the migrants North, passing the buck to America.

Can’t blame them.  Can we hire busses to ship them to Canada?

Nice idea – but the Canadians actually enforce their borders and immigration rules.

11 thoughts on “Grab Your Transfer

  1. But don’t call it an invasion; might make emery upset.

    PS: funny how no one ever talks about how strictly Canada enforces their immigration laws.

  2. Mpls and Austin TX, as sister sanctuary cities, should team up; reroute the “Caravan” through Monterrey to Laredo where they could get on buses that would take them up I-35 all the way to Duluth MN where the Caravanistas could swim the rest of the way to Canada.

  3. Oh please. This “caravan” is 1000 miles from our border and the last one resulted in all of 14 arrests. You guys get wound up WAYYY too easily. Incidentally, actually Canada’s position on political asylum is far more open this is ours under Trump. We helped start this war in Honduras (under Obama) but aren’t willing to accept the consequences.

  4. I really liked Acosta’s claim that since they hadn’t gotten here yet, it didn’t qualify as an invasion. In the same way, when the Poles saw the Soviets and Germans massing well away from the border, that didn’t mean an invasion was imminent, and when the Germans saw England become an island fortress, they had nothing to fear in June 1944.

    Put differently, CNN shouldn’t be paying Jim Acosta the big bucks for playing stupid semantic games and hijacking news conferences.

  5. So take all the military aged young men. Land them back in the country they came from and hand them rifles and ammunition. One way or another the situation will be resolved.

  6. Before the press began howling about Trump’s use of the word: invasion, you would think that they would look it up.

    Remember how journalists used to use this thing called a dictionary

    [in-vey-zhuh n]

    1. an act or instance of invading or entering as an enemy, especially by an army.
    2. the entrance or advent of anything troublesome or harmful, as disease.
    3. entrance as if to take possession or overrun:
    the annual invasion of the resort by tourists.

    This definition is from the RACIST that compares “asylum seekers” to an army, to disease and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, to tourists.

  7. Last I heard, Greyhound went anywhere in the country, one-way, for just $99. Outsourcing our problem for a c-note apiece? Dirt cheap.

    And I have it on unimpeachable authority that Canada is far more filling to accept asylum seekers than the United States. Truly. Penigma just said it, so it must be true.

    Therefore, my idea is not only economical, it’s virtuous as well. We’d be doing the asylum seekers a favor, helping them reach a more welcoming society. It’s exactly the same tactic used by Greece and Italy passing along immigrants to the rest of Europe and we all know how much Liberals wish we were more like Europe.

    Start lining up the busses.

  8. JD has got it right; Greyhound bus tickets from Laredo to Duluth via I-35 then US 53 to International Falls. If the Canucks can’t take them all at once we’ve got lots of space to put up a tent city in the BWCA, hell its a campsite already.

  9. I’d pay to see the look on the faces of those flag waving 3rd worlders as they disembarked at the Canadian border, in December.

    “Welcome Home Amigos!”

  10. For an extra $5 apiece, you could get them coffee and a donut from Tim Horton’s to keep them warm for three minutes after they got off the bus, too.

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