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  1. “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know.” ~ Donald Trump speaking specifically about Hillary Clinton while campaigning in the Trask Coliseum, North Carolina University, Wilmington, 9th August 2016

    Trump continues to believe that he can have it both ways. Unfortunately for the country, his delivery on unity and love rings hollow compared to the relish he derives from excoriating his foes. That so many of his followers are continually drawn to this vitriol continues to baffle and speaks to an obsession, part desperation part exhilaration, to be able to say what they want, when they want, to whoever they want without consequences.

  2. the relish he derives from excoriating his foes

    Being treated the same way his “foes” (good choice of words) have treated him. And the rest of us. You, EI, and your ilk have it all quite clear what you think of us, your political opponents, over the past 20, 30… hell, 50 years. Kinda sucks doesn’t it to get that feeling, those words returned. Welcome to the consequences to the New Rules you created.

  3. Trump musing about the philosophical underpinnings of Federalist No. 29 (whether an armed citizenry could prevent the rise of a tyrannical government) is political speech, the highest and most protected form of speech under the First Amendment, which was put in place to ensure America as a place where citizens can say what they want, when they want, without fear of government reprisal.

    The fact that you want to punish President Trump for exercising that freedom tells us a great deal more about you than it does about him.

  4. Aside from your false equivalency, lets see. Trump makes up and pushes a fake conspiracy about a wealthy Jew, George Soros funding a migrant caravan from Central America. Gunman kills worshipping Jews, because he believes they are funding a migrant caravan from Central America.

  5. What? That’s false? Crap, I didn’t know that.

    Who IS funding the caravan? Who’s paying for the food, the water, the transportation? Who’s providing the toilet paper and cleaning up after?

    You know for absolute certain it’s not funded by Soros through one of his many shell organizations – that’s why you accuse Trump of making up and pushing a fake conspiracy – so who is it?

  6. Its actually being funded by the former president of Honduras who wanted to become a dictator I believe but even his own party abandoned him back in 2009.

  7. a wealthy Jew, George Soros funding a migrant caravan from Central America. Gunman kills worshipping Jews, because he believes they are funding a migrant caravan from Central America

    Thanks for that insider’s insight into the twisted thinking of a deluded 1/4 wit, Dunning_Kruger.

  8. the msm says the Caravanistas number 7K or so. The logistics as JD pointed out present some questions that the MSM doesn’t seem interested in pursuing:
    7,000 Caravanistas means, at minimum, per day;
    4 tons of food
    8,000 gallons of potable water
    4+ tons of fecal waste to be disposed
    ?000 sanitary napkins
    20,000 gallons of water for cleaning & sanitation
    700 bars of soap
    ?00 police
    What Dunning_Kruger refuses to acknowledge is that someone needs to be paying for this modern day Central American version of the Mariel Boatlift.

    for Dunning_Kruger: the Mariel Boatlift was when Castro emptied his prisons of incorrigible criminals, the mentally ill, and political dissidents(capitalists) by shipping them north so that the politics of his island paradise could remain pure.

  9. Pig, don’t need too many sanitary napkins, since there are not actually very many women in any of the pictures I have seen. And the cleaning & sanitation is optional….

  10. loren
    ah come, on lets pretend that they’re civilized!

    and scott has a good point, 1,000 miles is more than a couple pair of shoes

  11. Emery, are you seriously under any impression that Hilliary would have nominated judges who she was confident would support Heller and McDonald? When she came out specifically against those decision in her rhetoric?

    Dream on, buddy. Dream on. Trump was 100% correct in noting that.

  12. Here’s more dissonance for you: two unions (Carpenter’s Union and International Union of Operating Engineers) that endorsed Hillary in 2016 are endorsing Jason Lewis over Angie Craig in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. I share it here because it might not make it into the local papers until mid-November.

    “In Jason’s time in Congress he has cast repeated votes in support of Davis-Bacon prevailing wage and has led on the issue of changing school curriculum to encourage more people to look at careers in the construction industry,” said carpenters’ union spokesman Adam Duininck.

    “Jason Lewis has made an effort to get to know our union, understand our issues, and has taken politically tough stances in support of good-paying union jobs,” Local 49 business manager Jason George said in a statement, according to the Free Beacon.

    If Adam Duininck’s name sounds familiar to you, it is because he’s the former chair of the Met Council.

  13. Hell must be pretty cold today. A lefty unionista endorsing a Republican over a DFL party apparatchik?! Who da thunk it?

  14. BB: There will be time to solve our gun violence issue later.

    Right now we’re working on our serious problems — Guatemalan migrants, kneeling footballers and underpriced Mercedes.

    Eventually we’ll get to health care, education, infrastructure, opioids, deficits, etc.

  15. Trump makes up and pushes a fake conspiracy about a wealthy Jew, George Soros funding a migrant caravan from Central America.
    This is a flat-out lie.
    So long, “Emery.”

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