“Trump Voters Are Racists!”

At the “Battleground Talkers” event last night, Larry Elder reminded us just how racist Trump voters are.

In 2016, Abilene, Texas racked up the highest percentage of Trump voters of any metro area in the US – close to 80%.

And then, last year…:

In 2017, just months after voting so overwhelmingly for Trump, they elected a black mayor for the first time in the town’s 136 year history. And did so by a wide margin.

Those same white people who voted for President Trump helped propel Anthony Williams to victory in a town with a black population hovering at 10 percent.

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams (R).

“People were so eager to vote, there was actually a higher turnout at the runoff than the general election,” the Texas Standard reported. “It’s been at least two decades since that has happened in Taylor County.”

“Just like other Texans, I’m proud to be a Texan,” Williams told local reporters and residents in town after the big win. “As an African-American, I’m proud of my heritage, but I really want to focus more broadly on our community.”

One of the left’s favorite slanders of the right over the past decade or so is “the only reason you didn’t vote for Obama was because he’s black” (and its companion slur, not voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s female-ish).

Which is baked wind, of course; I wouldn’t have voted for a Scandinavian Male Presbyterian who espoused either of their policies.  And I’d vote for a black Muslim lesbian, if she were a Hayek/Friedman disciple who owned a couple of AR15s and agreed that we should too.

Everything the coastal media tells you about the rest of the country is pretty much BS.

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  1. Probably helped that he promised to work towards smaller city government, too. Whatever his party, he’s got something to say for himself.

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