Keeping Up With The Joneses

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

You know the pipe bombs are fake when celebrities and politicians start MeToo-ing them.

Obama, the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros – sure, they are Conservative hobgoblins.  It’s believable some Conservative might send them bombs.  But Robert DeNiro?  He gets a bomb?  And now New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants in on the action (NYPD denies he got one).

Receiving a fake pipe bomb is the latest status symbol.  How come I didn’t get a bomb?  Did you get a bomb?

“Getting a bomb” is the new “once dated Taylor Swift”.

10 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Joneses

  1. For the last two days the networks have been telling us that a mad “serial bomber” has been mailing bombs to liberal figures.
    This is a lie. It is fake news. No bombs have been mailed.
    Whatever those things are, they aren’t bombs. It’s fake news.

  2. When I heard that DeNiro got one I thought it was perfectly understandable why a Lefty would target him as part of a hoax to create blowback against eevvvviiiiiiillllllll conservatives. DeNiro received a lot of press and adulation for his “bravery” for repeatedly saying “Fμ©€ Trump!!!!” at the Oscars (or was it at the Film Actors Guild Awards? 😉 ). He’s obviously become a target for perpetual conservative animosity, at least to someone twisted enough to send bombs (fake or otherwise) to prominent Democrats.

  3. Awec Bawin wasn’t important enough to receive a fake bomb. I’ll wager a 5 spot that his ego is genuinely crushed.

  4. Hijacking the thread a bit. Now that a suspect is in custody the Left and its handmaidens will be furiously spinning the angle that the guy was a Trumpist set ablaze by the President’s rhetoric. He sounds at first blush like the kind of guy most of us would walk fast and in the opposite direction from. Left unresolved is the question of whether the devices he sent had any potential to explode. It’s resolved for me, but I mean an official opinion from an explosives expert who has examined the things. We also won’t be hearing much about his race, since he apparently has more Native American DNA than Elizabeth Warren. I suppose we won’t be hearing calls to ban assault electrical tape and assault batteries, the major components of his “bombs.” I’d say clocks, but that would remind people of “Cool clock, Mohammed.” Ooops.

  5. Remember the Olympic Park bombing? The FBI — those fail-proof instruments of the Truth — implicated Richard Jewell with committing the crime. Jewell was the security guard who discovered one of the unexploded bombs. Jewell was completely exonerated when terrorist Eric Rudolph confessed to the crime.
    One of the reasons the FBI placed Jewell on the top of their suspects list was because they found “bomb making materials” in his garage.
    The “bomb making materials” were screws and electrical tape. Found in a middle-aged white guy’s garage.
    The FBI is being cagey about whether the bombs could have actually exploded. The FBI spokesdrone says that the bombs contained “explosive material,” but won’t say what the explosive material is.
    Oxygen, maybe?

  6. This poor fool may have made those fake bombs, but hey, what else are ya gonna do when you’re living in a van down by the river?

  7. MP, having had past, 2nd hand experience with the feds, I can tell you they will always maximize the seriousness of the charge; there is no measure of ridiculousness they will not cross. It’s fat to be trimmed for getting a guilty plea.

    We don’t know what was in those “bombs”, but it wasn’t explosives.

  8. How does a guy living in a van get home addresses for people like George Soros?

    The evidence includes a partial fingerprint and DNA. Which were processed by who – the FBI crime lab? Is this the same outfit that was rocked by scandal during the Obama Administration – tainted samples, lying on the witness stand, pressure from the top?

    I’m just having a hard time believing this mook put together such a sophisticated operation that it nearly took out the entire Democrat leadership. Looks more and more like a patsy.

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