I Love A Happy Ending

“Anti” Fa thugs attack Trump supporters.

And the MAGAs stomp them like Irish clog dancers attacking a cockroach infestation.   Only less Irish.

I’m proud to be an American today.

Keep it up, patricians.

35 thoughts on “I Love A Happy Ending

  1. A few more days should give the Saudis enough time to link the killings to Hillary Clinton.

  2. Good point Emery, considering the obscene amounts of money the Clinton Crime Family took from the Saudis without ever delivering anything I’d be worried if I were Hillary and as the OP video illustrates Hillary’s Antifa thugs would be no match for determined Saudi contractors. Also given Hillary’s notoriously caustic demeanor toward Secret Service personnel you have wonder at the pit of despair a SS Agent would have to be in to willingly take a bullet for Hillary. But if Hillary surrounds herself with Antifas as competent as those in the video all will be well, right?

  3. “We accidentally killed him and cut his body into pieces, but in a rogue sorta way.” The Saudis and Trump deserve each other. What do they think we are stupid? Ridiculous story. Flew in on MbS planes. Flew out with body parts. 

  4. Kind of surprised that after receiving multiple kicks to the body masked thug was able to stand and run.

  5. Even better would be for them to get the snot kicked out of them and THEN get arrested for assault. I can dream, can’t I?

    And really, one would figure that the antifa guys would consider the number, sex, and size of their opponents before picking the fight. Even if a guy is totally out of shape, he has enough muscle to haul all that fat around. Do.the.math.

  6. President Reagan used to refer to the Soviet Union as the “evil empire”. Currently, Trump and his followers refer to his political opponents in America as evil.

  7. Well, yes, Emery, that’s how sensible people describe those whose every waking moment is devoted to destroying the traditional culture of the greatest nation that has ever existed.

    It would be like demanding Canadians stop drinking Molson, eating poutain, speaking French, or attending the Calgary Stampede. Oh, and insisting on changing the words to “Allah and Mohammed, His Prophet, Save the Queen.”

  8. Maybe wearing such a distinctive uniform is a mistake on the part of antifa?
    People on the Left have controlled social institutions for too long, they collapse when they meet resistance.
    In the real-life street battles in Europe in the 20s and 30s the antifascists lost almost everywhere. The fascists had the support of the people, the antifascists had the support of a foreigner named Stalin. The antifa people would do well to read Mussolini. Mussolini started out as a communist internationalist, and became a fascist (more or less inventing fascism), when he saw that workers would not give up their national & religious identities to identify as an abstract “worker.”

  9. Who is the bone head behind the antfa getup?
    “Hey! There is a bunch of guys dressed in black, wearing black masks, hitting people like me & smashing everything is sight! They must be on my side!”

  10. Currently, Trump and his followers refer to his political opponents in America as evil.

    Soooo……your logical direction is…?

    That because Trump and his supporters call their opposition evil, the opposition is reacting as expected, as they should? That’s right up there with every domestic abuser’s favorite tag line: “See? Look what you made me do!”

    To conflate Group A calling Group B evil, and Group B physically attacking Group A because of it? Group B’s actions are exactly what playground bullies do. That you are pointing at Group A’s words while ignoring Group B’s actions is so completely hypocritical and yet, typical of the left. It’s exactly what Berg’s 7th law illustrates.

  11. A few more days should give the Saudis enough time to link the killings to Hillary Clinton

    Do you guys have any deflectors who know how to, y’know, deflect?

  12. I see a move on the part of the Democrats — and the media, but I repeat myself — to blame the death of Koshoggi on Jared Kushner. Not as in “Kushner’s preferred policies may have contributed to the atmosphere which allowed the killing to take place”, but as in “Kushner ordered the killing to protect Trump’s business interests.”
    Weird people inside the progressive asylum these days. Haven’t seen stuff this crazy since the 1960s conspiracy theories of the left (the Vietnam War was created so Dow chemical could sell more napalm, the Vietnam War is all about oil in the South China Sea, etc., ad on and on . . . ).

  13. So the Anti-fa(g)s go home and cry in mommys basement saying how bad hate speech is and that wearing a MAGA hat. Also Emery Incognito, you suck at thread jacking. Stop trying.

  14. POD: You remind me of my dog that will chew on a bone for 2 weeks after the meat is gone.

  15. Woolly: A perceptive analysis of Saudi Arabia and its centrality in an American and Trump-inspired foreign policy for the Middle East that was always destined to fail. It is quite likely that the alleged murder in Istanbul will be a long-term pivot point of American policy in the region.

    It is also evident that many Senators and Congressmen on the foreign relations, military affairs, and intelligence committees have been watching the region with growing unease for some time. Not just the cruelties but also the ubiquitous stupidities.

    The colossal contradiction inside American policy has been its long-term blindness that Saudi fundamentalism is most of the motor to worldwide terrorism, the bogeyman that it throws trillions of dollars at “combating.” The American foreign policy establishment has simply been blind to the true origins of instability in the region and the wider Muslim world.

    All the Sunni autocracies operate in a similar and cruel manner. Collectively these are countries on the way down, not the way up. The US has aligned itself with despised ruling classes that are going to go the way of the Shah of Iran and his claque, leaving behind tens of millions of alienated people with a revolutionary hatred of the US. Not exactly the best of “juicy deals.” The stresses that are going to hit the region in the coming decade are going to be upending, beyond the reach of any conceivable American
    policy to ameliorate. High tech arms sales do not counter the fervid desires of tens of millions of people for basic survival if not something better.

    The Saudi royals are like the Trumps and Kushners, members of a corrupt elite, coddled by money, and incapable beyond an almost child-like belief in the power of money to engineer a corrupt deal. The Saudi royals saw in the Trump-Kushner families a second Bush family, a potential dynasty that could be bought for millions that would yield billions.

    The Saudis have been exceptionally shrewd buyers in the great Washington political bazaar for decades and have projected a benign image that has now been shattered by events in Istanbul. For example, the Saudis have “owned” the Bush family for decades in one of the more enduring corrupt relationships in American political history; this was always one of the most Artful of Great Political Deals. A lot of political goodwill has gone down the toilet in just a few days.

    The Saudis were second only to Israel at using money influence in Washington to leverage massive and expensive American military power to their advantage in the geopolitics of the Middle East. Can this all be put back together? Possibly not. Something looks different this time.

    Geopolitically, Iran occupies the central real estate in the Middle East and is a more connected country. Europe, Russia, China, and India all have enduring relationships with Iran. In contrast, it increasingly looks like the Trump administration’s termination of US participation in the Iranian nuclear agreement and its re-imposition of sanctions is becoming a lever that is isolating the American-Israel-Saudi triad away from the larger world that wants to engage Iran and integrate Iran back into the globalized economy. Trump thought he was going to be “leading” but instead he is self-isolating.

    Most likely America will stay with the Sunni autocracies for now, but the situation will continue to fray and deteriorate as the emerging competitive forces in the region crowd in on these overly insular regimes.

    The next farce in this playhouse of the absurd will probably be the Kushner- designed Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. Look for less laughing and more hand-wringing when it debuts.

  16. Mitch, I know you are super lenient on posting rules but we have to institute a 3 strike rule or something for malicious thread jacking

  17. Emery, moving from TDS your diatribe above shows your mental state has become that of a lunatic.

  18. Emery Inc:

    I’ve banned about half a dozen people from this comment section, ever. I hate doing it.

    But in most cases, I did it over gratuitous thread-jacking.

    Please act accordingly.

  19. …as in “Kushner ordered the killing to protect Trump’s business interests.”
    Weird people inside the progressive asylum these days. Haven’t seen stuff this crazy since the 1960s conspiracy theories of the left …

    Well, not since Justice Kavanaugh was accused of leading a rape gang while in high school.

  20. Also people need to stop responding to threadjacking. When trolling started taking off us millenials invented a phrase “dont feed the troll”. In that same light dont respond to thread jacking guys. Call it out and let it die.

  21. Emery struggles to try to be poignant and fails because at the end of day he’s not expressing his/hers own opinions but only something he’s plagiarized from some other SOB. A proper opinion would site the author, he tries to pass them off as something of his own, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  22. That was the Proud Boys tuning up those lefty twaats. The Fred Perry shirts are a counter point to the smelly rags leftists wear.

    Hale fellows well met.

    I’m sure various techniques of boot applications were discussed and compared over many a frosty malted beverage after that excellent work was completed.

  23. Emery is displaying the classic symptoms of acute OCD.

    He reads a comment on some lefty cesspool that makes the candy corn in his brain pan rattle, and cannot avoid cutting and pasting it apropos of nothing, here, and we can be sure, many other places.

  24. Mitch, maybe you could post an occasional “Open Thread” so Emery would have a place to squat.

    His tl;dr about US and Saudi could be the basis for a thoughtful discussion about oil: who has it, who needs it, what we’re willing to put up with to get it at a cheap enough price, how that affects domestic oil production policy, etc. But not in the context of a thread-jack. That’s just pissing in your punch bowl.

  25. JD: Didn’t Saudi Arabia threaten massive economic reprisals against the US if it was held to account for the disappearance of Khashoggi? I also seem to remember the Trump administration formally labeling America’s top source of imported oil, Canada, a threat to national security.

  26. We don’t have active antifa or proud boys in my state, so I did a bit of research on both.
    Proud boys seem harmless enough. Their membership is open to men, and men only, of any race. They say that they champion Western Civ, which should be non-controversial. They have a sense of humor anyhow. They are not the Freikorps.
    Unlike the proud boys, antifa explicitly endorses the use of violence to achieve political goals. This is the textbook definition of terrorism. And antifa has no sense of humor at all.
    Given the high profile of antifa, it is surprising that no journalists seem interested in who runs antifa, and who funds it. When you research the proud boys, the name McInnes pops up again and again. No names pop up for antifa.

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