Stuck On Stupid

A Rhode Island state “gun violence task force”has released its recommendations for what to “do” about “gun violence“:

Sounds familiar?

They include: a ban on ammunition feeding devices — known as magazines — with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, prohibiting the concealed carry of firearms on school grounds and within 1,000 feet of elementary or secondary schools and in government buildings, and raising the age to buy a “long gun” from 18 to 21, where it already stands for handguns.

The group stopped short, however, of backing a ban on military-style assault weapons

, opting to call instead for a new requirement that they be registered with a state or local law enforcement agency.

Isn’t it strange? No matter how many “panels of experts” the ass, the recommendations always come back around to “squat on the law abiding citizen, and do nothing that would ever address violent crime?”

3 thoughts on “Stuck On Stupid

  1. It’s clear the national consensus has turned. 18-year-olds are not mature enough to exercise wise judgment about drinking alcohol or buying their own health insurance or even about shooting people.

    I’d like to see the voting age raised back up to 21.

  2. Add the requirement a tool must be used to remove your 10 rd. mag (a bullet is not a tool), a non-collapsible stock, and there you have the Walz Minnesota Common Sense Gun Control Plan ™

  3. I like the claim that if only there were a registry of firearms, then police would know whether or not there was a firearm at a given premises. Ask cops in DC, Chicago, and New York City how that one’s working out. Or Boston, since Massachusetts has a statewide registry.

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