Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory?

My usual disclaimer: I’m not a Trump fan, and have never been. The deficit and debt Numbers are intensely troubling, so it’s not like my dislike is completely unwarranted.

But you’ve got to hand it to Trump – he gets politics. Better, it seems, than most politicians. Certainly better than the press, or the late-night infotainment howler monkeys.

But the latest ABD/PP poll indicates his handling – and, perhaps, staging dash of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination might be one of the most brilliant political traps (whether that trap was sprung by the president or the opposition, I don’t know) of all time. I will add a bit of emphasis here and there:

The latest IBD/TIPP poll finds that President Donald Trump’s approval ratings made a strong rebound this month, with a four-point gain to 40%, reversing almost the entire loss he suffered the month before. His disapproval rating went from 56% last month to 54% now.

What’s more, the Democrats’ advantage on the generic ballot question plunged from 11 points last month to just 2 points this month.

12 thoughts on “Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory?

  1. One suspects that prosperity out on Main Street is going to trump the circus going on in Washington. The generic Congressional poll on 538 Blog is tightening and the odds of the Democrats taking the House are starting to recede. An improving status quo favors the incumbent party.

    A fascinating election is coming up.

  2. Isn’t the poll “reversal” just the usual re-jiggering of the actual results now that the morale-busting mid-summer is over and the poll-takers need to keep some credibility once the actual vote takes place?

  3. Could be the economy, but for my part, I’m far more passionate about the Senate Democrats raping Brett Cavanaugh in the confirmation process. I would guess that a lot of people in middle America are realizing that it could be them in the crosshairs of a very Democratic Party institution, the lynch mob.

  4. Hatred has consequences.
    The Dems should have remembered that Trump’s election in 2016 was an extraordinary event. sixty-three million people voted for Trump, most of them in states the Democrats need to gain the house & senate. dismissing them all as lunatics/racists/idiots does not seem a likely path to electoral success.
    The Democrats, especially those in the house, have a promised an unending stream of investigations and even possible impeachment proceedings should they gain the majority in November. How do they they think this will sit with Trump’s sixty-three million?

  5. I think that Trump supporters, if they didn’t already, now realize that the Dems are desperate and will perpetrate the highest level of voter fraud ever seen. I am seeing lots of comments on conservative sites and blogs, LinkedIn and even saw some on Twitter and Fakebook for everyone to be extra diligent in detecting and reporting it. Calls to serve as polling place watchers and election judges are more numerous than I’ve ever seen.

    I also got a huge laugh out of Trump’s rant on Franken and Tina (who?) Smith at the rally in Rochester last night. Comedy gold!

  6. Comedy gold is Amy Klobuchar (aka Sen. Vanilla Fluff), who’s career has been carefully managed to avoid having to take a position on anything controversial, including the conduct of the DFL candidate for MN AG, asking “Where is the bravery in this room?”

    A more sobering question: if character assassination isn’t enough, what’s next?

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  8. Say, notice no “Russian collusion” stories lately?
    Gosh! What could be going on?

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