The Boston Glob comes to praise Elizabeth Warren’s “Native American ancestry”...

The Boston Globe ran a massive 3,000 word lead article this morning trying to excuse away Elizabeth Warren’s claim during her professional career to be minority and a woman of color based on supposed Native American ancestry.

The story, which had the cooperation of the Warren campaign, comes just days before the first debate in Massachusetts’ Senate race. Clearly, the Warren campaign is worried after even Native Americans who are Democrats criticized Warren at the DNC in Charlotte, and is attempting to put its story out there through a friendly source.

…and ends up burying it.

Too much stuff to pullquote.  Give it a read.

10 thoughts on “Fauxcahontas

  1. To me, after a lot of hemming and hawing about things, it’s amazing she keeps the facade up. Oh, yes, really, with plagiarized ancestry and plagiarized recipes, I’m the real deal. I guess her alternative is that she would have to work for a living, so I think I understand.

  2. With the liberals, what difference does it make now? You can be a man and say you’re a woman, so what’s the big deal about being white and claiming you’re Delaware or Cherokee or whatever tribe she thinks she can get away with this week? I’d argue that DNA testing of 1/32 of your genome is more likely filled with errors than arguing that half your genome is wrong because of your feelz.

    So let her claim what she wants and mock her for thinking it should matter at all. Hell, as far as I’m concerned it’s the attacks on her scholarship that should matter more, but she doesn’t care about those to anywhere near the extent as the attacks on her lineage as far as I can tell. Her voters don’t care if she lied and manipulated her legal scholarship as that would merely indicate she’s a fraud as an academic and person, they care if she checked the victimology boxes correctly.

  3. One question; given that we have 46 chromosomes that, absent mutations and such, don’t change much from generation to generation, exactly what sense does it make to argue we’re 1/32 something or other? Just sayin’.

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  5. If White Privilege is so prevalent in our society, why did Elizabeth Warren have to claim she was Cherokee?

  6. I might be a little off base but maybe Lizzy is worried that a DNA test will not only prove that she’s not Indian but actually a drag queen.

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