Things That Make Joe Go “Sigh”

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Senator Feinstein’s driver didn’t have access to sensitive information, so who cares that he was a Chinese spy?


Unless she talked on the cell phone, maybe to Hillary . . . .




Dang, I was just getting ready to buy an iPhone SE.  But if they won’t allow hate speech, I couldn’t talk to anybody.



Pretty soon, all speech that isn’t banned will be mandatory.


3 thoughts on “Things That Make Joe Go “Sigh”

  1. Alex Jones is a test bed for social media censoring of popular conservative mainstream media. He isn’t as radical as say, Gavin McInnes, but his kooky conspiracy theories make him a defensible target to some. He’s got more than 1 million regular viewers though, which makes him worth messing with.

    Now they’re pushing it a little further in by shadow banning PragerU on FedBook.

    Prayer probably doesn’t have the viewership AJ does, but he’s about as milquetoast a righty as you’ll find anywhere. He helps the left extend the acceptable boundaries of what defines “hate speech”.

    They pulled right back out, claiming they couldn’t explain how something like that could happen. No one believes them, but that’s nothing they didn’t expect. They are waiting to see just how big a squawk is raised. So far, not much.

    IMO, leftist social media should just clear the decks in one sweep. If our division is going to get to the next level, we have to divorce ourselves from all means of non physical discourse, but “Muh Follows”!

    There are already nascent right wing alternatives to Tweetr (GAB) and YouTube (Bitstream), but the biggest personalities are keeping their tents pitched in the enemies campgrounds because leaving means re-building a base from scratch.

    The left, in typical fashion, prepared the social media battlegrounds years ago by codifying “hate crime” in criminal law. Like getting homosexuality de-listed from the DSM, once you have a legit base to march on, you can trample the ground in all directions.

    The reprobates will push the issue by booting everyone out soon enough. Sad.

    Much better to leave on your own accord.

  2. I was surprised, pleasantly I might add, that Bill Maher, even though he doesn’t agree (or even like) Alex Jones, defended his right to speak out.

  3. What we are seeing in the Prager & Jones incidents is a business culture problem. Companies hire kids out of college who have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the latest PC think. You’re a feminist working in the corporate world? This is your practice. Dorsey recently admitted that Twitter has a left wing culture, but I doubt if he knows how bad it is — if he steps out of line, his workers will get rid of him (cf. Brendan Eich). It really is like China’s cultural revolution, anyone over thirty — especially a white male — is suspected of being insufficiently ‘woke’.
    The weakness of the big social media corporations is that they want to be considered common carriers because they need that to scale; they can’t actively approve every word they publish & make money. But if they do not monitor every word that they publish, they can’t make money either. You can’t be both a neutral broadcaster & a content editor. You can’t censor “hate speech” while you allow individual users to libel others or post possibly copyrighted material.
    Sue their asses. Turn them into a communications commodity with a communications commodity’s low profit margins.
    It is not true that because facebook, twitter, et al., are publicly traded companies, they can censor as they please. Hold them to their own rules.

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