I’m on the brink of declaring…not so much a new “Berg’s Law”, but a corollary to Berg’s Seventh Law.

Something to the effect of “the more the Left’s hangers-on jabber about “Right Wing violence”, the more left wing violence will be going on.”

Oh, the media will continue to parrot the narrative, even as they occasionally, perhaps unwittingly, undercut it with some basic facts, still, the deep-down depravity of the left’s inner  id is always out there.

threats of murder


NBC Ignores

6 thoughts on ““Anti-Hate”

  1. “When fascism comes to this country it will come under the guise of anti-fascism.” Huey Long circa 1935 I believe. Man If he could see the US 80 years later where there is literally a group called antifa.

  2. It is obvious that the Left is not anti-hate. They are pro-hate. They hate Trump, hate capitalists, hate white people (by which they mean ‘other white people’), and hate Christians.
    The Left wants to put themselves into the position of licensing hate.
    Everything verb that they say that they are against, they are actually for — but they want to define the subject and object. Find me a person on the Left who thinks that it is wrong to bully a teenager who uses anti-gay slurs.

  3. Find me a person on the Left who thinks that it is wrong to bully a teenager who uses a

    MP by definition they dont exist because if you think the kid needed to be educated, and not destroyed (figuratively… for now at least) you are not on the left because you dpnt buy into their insane, childish, and frankly hypocritical Dogma.

  4. I’m very candid about my hatred. I hate leftist ideology, and I despise most of the leftists I’ve met. Anyone that supports Communism or Socialism isn’t worthy of my hate, but they have my attention.

    I’m ready, willing and for the time being, able to fight Socialists and Communists to the death.

    Their skin color, nationality or cultural identity doesn’t mean shit to me. I’m a 100% equal opportunity defender of Freedom, Justice and the American way.

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