4 thoughts on “If Thise Two Crazy Kids Can’t Make It…

  1. Given her “profession”, the adultery claim is my fave, followed closely by being asked to respect Daniel’s privacy.

  2. Kinda funny, given that Daniels was paid to retain privacy, and took the money, as far as I know, and then leaked all over.

  3. I personally like how her lawyer is trying to argue around the papers the husband filed, though the claim of “adultery” on this one is pretty rich, too.

    My guess is that this whole story got big mostly because Ms. Clifford is running short on money because porn lovers don’t want to look at her anymore.

  4. Stormy Daniels accused of adultery!

    (sniff, sniff, sob) It’s…It’s…It’s… like you can’t trust ANY ONE anymore!

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