Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:


The United States is heading for massive, mountainous, record-breaking deficits under the Trump Administration.  The nation’s reckless spending spree must be curtailed.

I have the solution.  For every illegal alien who enters the country, one student’s college loan is eliminated.  The cost to the taxpayers is about the same and they all vote the same way.

Or we could BUILD THE WALL.

Maybe we could pay unemployed Womens Studies majors to build the wall?

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  1. If Mexico is going to buy us his wall, why is Trump bothering Congress for the money?

  2. Emery: he can make Mexico pay for it. Heck, he probably could just by using his pen and phone to do a few executive orders like the last guy did. But strangely enough, this guy respects the Constitution enough to realize he should do it the right way and get Congress to pass a law.

    Personally, I find it funny that a crude, conservative, orange haired crazy baboon is more committed to the rule of law than an “articulate”, suave, liberal Constitutional “law professor” with crisp pant folds.

  3. Maybe we could pay unemployed Womens Studies majors to build the wall?

    Only if you want it to fall down the next day.

  4. The wall does sound expensive. But Trump’s budget is also a massive debt run up so that’s become agreeable to both sides.

  5. You wish the women’s studies majoprs were unemployed.
    They become lawyers and human resource managers.

  6. I’ve been buying gold and silver for the past 5 years. I have a specific stockpile goal I’m working towards as a hedge against the collapse of the dollar.

    I’ve been buying lead for the past 15 years. I have a sufficient stockpile on hand as a hedge against the collapse of society.

  7. Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million low IQ, unskilled, uneducated Mexican invaders.

    That action sealed California’s fate, and it is slouching towards the Mexico City model; wealthy patricians living in heavily guarded Villas, and surrounded by violence, filth, decay and abject poverty.

    In the current year, the South American invasion has spread to all of the contiguous 48 states. There are *at least* 20 million invaders here, cutting grass, replacing roofs, cleaning hotel rooms, making fake ID’s, stealing cars, dealing dope and robbing. They’re patient because they can see the end game…every time their woman gives birth to another US citizen.

    Leftist slobs want these invaders to vote, so they can stay in power long enough to hoard sufficient cash to afford heavily guarded Villas. They wish to disarm Americans to make things go smoothly.

    It’s not going to work out for them, one way or another.

  8. Despite dropping immigration numbers for over a decade. Sigh. Still no check from Mexico or any demonstrable deal making brilliance in the legislature and a wobbly agreement with North Korea. Trump did not obtain any promise from North Korea to stop nuclear weapons production, let alone missile production, at the Singapore summit. He did however allow the fuzzy impression to be created that steps of this nature were to be expected due to the genius of our chief executive.

    As for Trump’s performance in Helsinki, he pathetically sucked up to a hostile dictator. Either he’s compromised by Putin or he’s a pussy, in which case he should grab himself.

    And chaos everyday.

    I am not really surprised there is an immigration crisis going on.

  9. Filthy leftist scumbags like Emery are not worried about the decline of America because they look at their miserable lives, their little shit box houses and apartments, their rusty, 10 year old Toyotas out there leaking oil and think they have nothing to lose.

    But their kids will be fighting among themselves for prime shoe-shine corners and praying some Mexican gang doesn’t rob them on the way home to the shack.

  10. It’s always funny to hear Liberals talk about imaginary things.

    One million jobs created or saved.
    One in four women on campus is raped but doesn’t report it.
    Five hundred million plastic straws a day dumped in the ocean.
    Fewer illegal aliens are slipping across the border undetected.

    I keep wanting to ask “How can you count things that can’t be counted?” But then I remember: Liberalism is not science, it’s religion, and that’s a sphere where miracles happen every day.

  11. GDP:
    2017: 2.3%
    2010: 2.5%
    2014: 2.6%
    2015: 2.9%
    2016: 3.0%
    The economy was fine long before Trump turned up. Not booming though and it’s not booming now either. Just fine

  12. One million jobs created or saved.
    One in four women on campus is raped but doesn’t report it.
    Five hundred million plastic straws a day dumped in the ocean.
    Fewer illegal aliens are slipping across the border undetected.

    I keep wanting to ask “How can you count things that can’t be counted?”

    And we know there’s no such thing as voter fraud. Or a scintilla of scandal in the Light Bringer’s administration.

  13. GDP includes government spending. More government spending, higher GDP, regardless of what it was spent on or how many people had jobs.

    Let’s talk bailouts and pallets of cash to Iran.

  14. All sorts of people think US gave billions to Iran as part of nuclear Deal.
    As opposed to:
    1. Unfreezing seized Iranian assets
    2. Repaying Iranian cash for weapons sales (from US) that never occurred.

    It’s a strategy: Say something enough, folks believe it.

  15. The president spending money without the consent of congress — because he would not be able to get consent. Kind of reminds me of how Bismarck financed the wars of expansion of Wilhelm I.
    Impeachable offense, if you ask me. The president of the United States does not have a sliush fund.

  16. Emery, exactly how does “unfreezing assets” differ in substance from giving them the money? Keep in mind that Iran gave no concessions for all those billions of dollars, not even a promise to adhere to the nonproliferation treaty they signed, and the “light bringer” even flew a few hundred million of it in unmarked Euros for Iran’s convenience.

  17. This train wreck isn’t as fun to watch anymore, and highway traffic is really starting to back up. More interesting now are the guys (Ryan, Pence, Sessions, Priebus, etc) who hitched their stars to Trump’s 3-wheel, coverless, burning wagon.

  18. This post has become Emery’s BB for expressing his Trump hatred. Not his reasons for hating Trump. That would be too difficult. He’s like the bawling child who hates whatever took his binky away. Obama gives hundreds of millions of cashola bucks to a nation recognized around the world as a terror exporter — with a special animus towards the US, and Emery applauds. Trump says Putin has a nice haircut or whatever and Emery goes berserk.
    Sad, really.
    There was nothing Trump could have done that would not have resulted in Emery having a melt down.

  19. MP
    for Team Emery™ the Trump presidency is, he hopes, a 4 year vallis lacrimarum through which he must, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, pass. Being a progressive is to adopt an inerrant faith that cannot be questioned.

  20. See what I mean? He’s like a magic 8 ball of anti-Trump comments. Maybe you need to see a brain guy, Emery?.
    See my @ 2:45? That’s how you do it. Mention a specific act of wickedness or illegality. Make a somewhat obsure, but accurate, comparison of the act criticized to an odious historical occurence, just to show that your IQ reaches well into the triple digits. Then call for impeachment. You reader should be with you at this point.

  21. Robert Mueller offers Tony Podesta immunity to testify against Paul Manafort: Report
    Maybe Mueller should offer Manafort immunity to testify against Podesta? Or maybe offer himself immunity to testify against himself? Whatever, at this point it’s over. If Mueller had anything he woud have leaked it by now,
    I wonder if those indictments of Russian Federation Nationals might be torpedoes that are circling back to him, like his indictment of Concord Management. What happens if one of the indicted Russians actually shows up in court? Now it’s not a counter-intelligence operation, it’s a criminal proceeding, with lawyers, discovery, the defense cross-examing Mueller’s people . . . bet Mueller is sweating this out.

  22. Interesting morning here… a pig speaks Latin, a mammoth speaks the truth (“Magic 8 Ball” of anti-Trump comments is brilliant, I’m stealing it), and the knucklehead rants on…

  23. Woolly: For someone who loves to hurl insults at others you are remarkably thin skinned.

    The voters elected Trump. They can curb his power in 2018 and defeat him in 2020.  They can oppose his policies and try to defeat his legislative initiatives.  They can mobilize and motivate their voters.

    The constant refrain about removing Trump by other means only will inflame the sense on the part of his electorate that they are not heeded and their views should be held in contempt. This is not healthy and could make the system less able to recover from and reverse what Trump has done.

    Surely the key is Mueller. I would not be surprised if he has found evidence of collusion between Trump (and/or his subordinates) and the Russian government. But less surprised if Trump is nailed on some business-related crime. The more trivial the crime, the less willing the party base will be to abandon their man.

    The “deep state” is just the mildly paranoid reaction of that half of the American public that is somewhat paranoid about the failures of the easily visible Washington establishment that has been failing for two generations now. This establishment has been unable to operate a stable banking system, overturning the American credit process twice inside of one generation with the savings-and-loan crises of the early 1990s and then the financial crisis of 2007-08. The fact that the same easy-money hucksterism was at the center of both crises tells you something. Shall we talk about the trade deals engineered by corporate interests at the expense of the American working class? And the fingerprints? Look no further than the mighty US Congress. 

    And it has been obvious since the Vietnam War that the American intelligence agencies, the national security establishment, and most of the foreign policy establishment have wanted to be embroiled in foreign wars and counterinsurgency operations in continuous and perpetual fashion for decades. 

    It is easy to see why over half the American population could come to believe that the government in Washington is not working in its interest. The simple explanation is that the government in Washington isn’t. It now is setting the public up to take away Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid despite the fact that the general public has been paying in trillions for years to support these programs. The money of course was squandered on endless foreign wars across the globe. What could be disillusioning about such waste on such a scale?

    As I wrote: the problem is not the deep state; it is the obvious state. 

  24. Mueller has grand jury indictments against some Russian intelligence officers, and unsealed them on the eve of Trump’s meeting with Putin.

    Mueller has iron clad proof of high crimes and misdemeanors against Trump, but he’s gonna hold them until the next election because

    [shuffles deck]

    The Deep State is not a problem.

    This is the kind of shit that wafts around the ether of low IQ leftist brain pans first thing in the morning, while munching avocado toast points and sipping hot kombucha.

  25. Communist Black nationalists in South Africa are slaughtering the white farmers that produced the only 1st world country Africa has ever known. They plan to put them off their farms without compensation, but are enjoying a bit of blood sport first.

    Australia has offered to take Afrikaaners in, but that would be a heinous waste of a golden opportunity.

    I think we should crowdsource a rescue ship. Transport all the Boers to the Mexico / California border, and smuggle them in by the tens of thousands.

    They are refugees.

  26. It’s amazing how you can write an entire paragraph of nonsense and expect anyone to take you seriously. I doubt there are many greater fools.

  27. “It’s amazing how you can write an entire paragraph of nonsense and expect anyone to take you seriously. I doubt there are many greater fools.”

    Emery, while self criticism is a bedrock principle of Maoism the rest of us, not sharing your chosen faith, prefer not to watch.

  28. . . . American intelligence agencies, the national security establishment, and most of the foreign policy establishment . . . the problem is not the deep state . . .

    Yes, it is, because the phrase “deep state’ MEANS the bureaucrats and apparatchiks who work for the intelligence agencies, the national security establishment, and the foreign policy establishment, as well as the ATF, FBI, IRS, Fish and Wildlife Service . . . all the mid-level decision makers and rule-mongers who never get much media attention but never go away and relentlessly pursue their political agenda without supervision or restraint.

  29. Joe, I applaud your kind efforts to educate Dunning_Kruger, but I fear your time is wasted.

    The odds are he was too busy amusing himself by blowing snot bubbles from his nose to focus on your patient explaination.

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