4 thoughts on “Attention, All Progressives!

  1. Bumper sticker!

    *** Hillary! ’20! *** She’s inevitable, just like the last two times!

  2. Can she get more electoral votes than Mondale in 1984? Maybe. Unless a looney tunes leftist runs 3rd party, and beats her in CA and NY, which could happen. A for effort, F for reading the current political climate. When people out there on the left say Sanders is too right wing because he doesnt support the abolition of ICE what hope does she have in the primaries?

  3. If there’s justice in this world a criminal indictment, liquor, or the grim reaper, will take her out of the game before the ’20 race gets underway.

  4. You think Bernie might be a little better prepared for shenanigans from the Clinton campaign the next time around?

    Hillary could run, or hobble anyway. After all, she knows where all the bodies are buried.

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