Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Residents are fleeing these cities.  USA Today says it’s people retiring and moving South, a trend that began decades ago, was interrupted by the Crash and now is resuming.

Really? Why are Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama on the list?  Why are Jacksonville and Fayetteville, North Carolina on the list?  Why is Sierra Vista-Douglas, Arizona on the list – that’s a stone’s throw from the border with Mexico, state income tax is 5%, ought to be a retiree paradise.  Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas?  Brownsville is farther south than Arizona and therefore warmer and Texas has no income tax.  Why would sun-seekers be leaving those areas?  They should be flocking there.

Notice which cities people are not fleeing but instead are the fastest-growing?  Boise, Idaho is #1 and Seattle, Washington is #2, ahead of Texas and Florida.  Portland, Oregon is #17, Colorado Springs is 18, Salt Lake City is 24.  These are not snowbird destinations.  Why are they growing?

The climate explanation doesn’t make sense.  Try this one instead:  the cities people flee are decaying because leftists in charge have destroyed them by pandering to residents who lack the old-fashioned values that were required to take care of a community.  Refugees.  Illegals.  Homeless.  Welfare mindset regardless of welfare status – people who expect everything provided for free without lifting a finger.

When your city intentionally sets out to replace the 1950’s nuclear family post-war community with an Obama-era refugee/illegal/welfare community, don’t act all surprised when the 1950’s people move out.  Nobody wants to move from safe, clean Roseville to narco-terrorist infested Brownsville or poop-on-the-streets San Francisco, regardless of the year-round climate.

Joe Doakes

If we just give sclerotic big-city liberal adminstrations enough time, it’ll all work out…

3 thoughts on “Demographics

  1. I was surprised to see Seattle, Portland and Colorado Springs on the growth list. All three of them are run by liberal Democrats and are rapidly turning into 3rd world shitholes.

  2. Looking through the list, I noticed a lot of military towns on there.

    #48 – Hinesville, GA is by Ft Stewart
    #45 – Norwich-New London, Connecticut has a huge Navy base
    #37 – Fayetteville, NC is by Ft Bragg
    #36 – Jacksonville, NC is by Camp Lejeune and New River MCAS
    #35 – Yakima, WA is a desolate place and has a huge training area for the Army
    #33 – Sierra Vista, AZ is by Ft. Huachuca
    #31 – Lawton, OK is by Ft Sill
    #28 – Pine Bluff, AK has the Pine Bluff Arsenal
    #27 – Montgomery, AL has Maxell AFB
    #26 – Wichita, KS has McConnel AFB
    #25 – Ft Drum is in Ft Drum, NY
    #21 – Shreveport, LA has Barksdale AFB
    #14 – Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, Virginia-North Carolina is a large Navy area
    #9 – El Paso, TX has Ft Bliss

    I haven’t paid any attention to base closures or re-alignments in quite awhile. I know that Joint Base Lewis-McChord (by Seattle) has really grown recently. Knowing how focused on the military (payday loans, used cars, tattoos, strip clubs…) some of these towns are, that could be a pretty large factor as well.

  3. Boss, from what I have been reading lately Seattle and Portland are working mightily on joining the “fleeing from cities.”

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