Uncharted Mental Territory

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

People who don’t understand Trump, don’t understand what he’s doing with Korea. There’s no written agreement. There’s no procedure for verification. We gave away too much and received too little. It’s a disaster!

Calm down. Trump is a real estate developer. This is standard operating procedure. Say anything, promise anything, to get the customer committed to the deal. After that, we hammer out the details. The final agreement may look nothing at all like the initial offer, but it’ll fly because we’re all committed to the deal.

Same technique as selling a used car. Go ahead, sit in it. Drive it around the block. Look at the great tread left on the tires. Feel the cushy seats. You look good in that car. You want it, don’t you? Why not, you deserve it. And the payments, so affordable. Can we do this? Sure, we can.

Trump took the first step at getting North and South committed to a deal, some deal, any deal, something to break the stalemate, something to take to their own people and claim as a victory. Hey Kim, maybe you’d like to own a hotel on the beach? Put your name up in lights? Sure, we can do that, as part of the deal. Ever eaten at McDonalds? Come on, every major city has a McDonalds. We’ve got to get your city into World Class, we’ve got to get you a McDonalds. Can we do this? Sure we can. All part of the deal . . . .

Give the man time to do his thing.

Joe Doakes

The left calls Trump “not presidential”.  And they’re not wrong.

But the big problem seems to be that he’s “not like a politician”.

Which can be both a feature and a bug, of course.

3 thoughts on “Uncharted Mental Territory

  1. The left calls Trump “not presidential”. And they’re not wrong.

    What does that mean? I mean, the man is president, yes? By definition, he’s presidential.

  2. Our non presidential President is certainly doing what he promised. Economy is hitting on all eight cylinders, unemployment and claims for it, are at record lows, especially among traditional minority groups and womyn, he’s putting pressure on the rest of the world to play their fair share of their own affairs and forcing them to level the economic playing field via matching tariffs. For the first two quarters, the Treasury is taking in more than it’s spending, while giving the majority of workers more money in their pockets. Meanwhile, anti American Democrats are obstructing him at every turn, 98% of the media is relentlessly attacking him and are proving themselves to be the true misogynist, racist criminals that they have always been, because their minions are jumping the reservation.

    I may not like everything Trump does, but if that’s the left wing nuts definition of being unpresidential, I’ll take it.

  3. Summit prediction: if not immediate then in time to present to the Trump base before November. Kim agrees to fully denuclearize (warheads and delivery systems) in return for a peace treaty with South Korea and the removal of all US military threat to North Korea. Trump gets to be the man who brought peace to the Korean peninsula where every other US president failed. The Nobel peace prize beckons. The “US military threat to N Korea” is phrased by Kim to include all the US naval, marine and air forces in Japan which are considered too close to Korea by Kim and also dismantling of all support treaties with Taiwan which are also considered too likely to attract US forces back to the region. Trump buys it and boasts the great savings for the US tax payer as he brings the troops home. After all, if these foreigners don’t pay for it, why should they get US protection? At a stroke, Kim gets perpetual security, China gets the first Island chain and Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines fall under Chinese influence for generations. A few weeks later, Kim slips into China to celebrate with Chinese leadership the end of the American century in Asia and the beginning of the Chinese one.

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