12 thoughts on “David Hogg: Upskirting Pervert

  1. I hope David Hogg comes to MN and campaigns on the Iron Range or in southern Minnesota for the DFL.

  2. These little reprobates are financed by some adult reprobates with deep pockets.

    We have Publix; I hope they come here, too. I’ll go shopping with my wife and be ready with the camera when she trips over one of them and falls.

    We’ll give ambulance chasers the opportunity to do something good for society.

  3. If I were the manager of that store, I would have had them all arrested and charged with trespassing and/or unlawful assembly.

  4. Swiftee: Make sure she wears her steel toed work boots when you visit the store. You can’t be too careful these days. She may accidentally kick something with sufficient force that it could cause injury to her foot if she were wearing less than substantial footwear.

  5. And BH429: That was my initial reaction as well. Unless store managers were directed by CorpHQ to not put up any resistance to the protestors for fear of creating even more of a negative public image. Which goes to show just how much of a failure that company’s management is, given the general political bent in the states where Publix operates.

  6. I read a tweet from John Cardillo, conservative commentator, who lives in Broward county that this protest really alienated people. And that Publix did the exact wrong thing. FWIW.

  7. Bill, I joke. I very seriously doubt any of these little beasties would pull any crap like this outside Columbia (The fountain from which welfare dependent’s services, such as they are, flow in SC).

  8. David Hogg, the idiot, clueless, Gen Z tool that keeps on giving. To conservatives and the NRA. Id tell him to shut up but the more he talks the more he helps the pro gun crowd.

  9. Totally correct, POD!

    If we get the skin head and Hogg’s equally ignorant sister spouting off, we get the trifecta of stupidity.

  10. He’ll be the left’s media poster boy until he’s no longer useful to them. The little pricks 15 minutes of fame couldn’t end soon enough for my tastes.

  11. Bummer they don’t do that in a hardware store. OOPS–dropped a crowbar AGAIN! Darn it, why do I have such butterfingers? Oh, no, there goes that anvil….

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