Why Does The DFL Hate Poor People?

Governor Dayton is set to veto a tax cut bill that would have cut taxes to the lowest income brackets in Minnesota – people whose tax burden is in fact disproportionally higher than higher-income Minnesotans, counting federal, state, local and various consumption taxes.

Naturally, it’s about feeding the Educational Industrial Complex:

Gov. Mark Dayton is promising to veto a tax bill that the Republican-controlled Senate passed narrowly on Wednesday, after criticizing GOP legislative leaders for their apparent unwillingness to approve an additional aid package for schools…

“There’s no indication of any willingness to move on my top priority,” Dayton said.

On May 1, Dayton asked for an additional $137.9 million to be spread among all 553 school districts across the state, including at least 59 districts that are anticipating budget shortfalls.

In other words, Dayton is throwing a tantrum because the Legislature doesn’t want to transfer money from poor people to Dayton’s DFL cronies in the Teachers Union.

I’ll be so sorry to see that stammering marionette go .

3 thoughts on “Why Does The DFL Hate Poor People?

  1. Top priority that only surfaced on May1. And help me here, but don’t all public school districts have their own taxing authority? And the ability to set their own budgets? And the ability to sign their own contracts? This is one strange “emergency” .

  2. I wonder how the education money flows, who wins and who loses?

    If it’s anything like Local Government Aid, then the taxpayers of Thief River Falls, Granite Falls and Zumbro Falls are subsidizing Saint Paul. And the governor just vetoed their tax cut to punish them for refusing to send Saint Paul even more of their money.

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