Nick Coleman: Still A Monkey

The other day, I linked to an excellent Strib piece about my friend Sarah Cade – a liberal, millennial, biracial, female “gun nut”.

It’s an interesting story, and one that has to be terrifying Big Left, inasmuch as millennials are more likely to be pro-gun than anti (even after a few months of  puffing up David “Boss” Hogg).

And who should sound off in his sclerotic, concussed manner than our old pal Nick “The Monkey” Coleman.

Coleman – former “big cheese”f and the only liberal columnist too dumb and expensive to be kept on at the Strib, ever – turned his rheumy, sheets-to-the-windy eye to the piece with the same even handed logic that made him every blogger’s favorite kick-toy from 2002 until…well, until he pretty much disappeared.

Well, thanks, Nick.  Your opinion is worth – well, pretty much the same as the last ten years worth of your career prospects, ever since you graduated from “Moronic Clown” to “Turbo Clown”.

8 thoughts on “Nick Coleman: Still A Monkey

  1. He has it wrong. Comments are banned when they are expected to be a majority against “the narrative”.

    Muslim terrorist multiple shooter? Nope.

    Black perpetrator of any horrific crime? No way.

    Democrat resigns from office due to juicy scandal? Denied.

    Although, I suppose in his mind, “ridiculous” is the same as “against the narrative”.

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  3. “Opposes all sensible gun laws . . .”
    This is the extremism and absolutism that is driving many moderate voters into Trumpland. Coleman’s statement is laughably not true — the NRA & other 2nd amendment supporting groups are very much in favor of sensible gun laws. They simply disagree with Coleman on which laws are sensible and which are not.
    It isn’t Coleman’s intent to actually discuss the issue of sensible gun laws. Coleman’s intent is to justify neighbor hating neighbor — the good people like himself who believe in “sensible gun laws” and the deplorables who oppose sensible gun laws. How could you not hate insane people with bloody hands?

  4. They simply disagree with Coleman on which laws are sensible and which are not.

    There is another aspect, less discussed, but to my mind more important which is that we have enough laws; not just for guns, but for everything. Laws that are simply not fully enforced (for example, during the Obama administration, Congress has failed to provide the necessary funding for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)).

    And that doesn’t even touch the uneven disparate enforcement of laws.

  5. The biggest dent in gun violence could be made with mandatory long sentences for illegal possession of guns and use of guns in committing crimes (no plea bargaining), but that would affect mostly the minority and the poor, so it can’t be done.
    Instead the hatred is reserved for the mostly older, mostly white, mostly law abiding membership of the NRA.

  6. A White man tells a Black woman: “Hey, girl, get back on the plantation,” and none of the hyper-sensitive people monitoring the media for micro-aggressions bat an eye.

  7. It’s nice to see that Nick is reaping the rewards of journalists that know stuff..!

    Nick Coleman is co-founder and editor of ProBonoPress (, a creative consulting firm specializing in nonproft storytelling, strategic communications and public service journalism.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t “pro bono” mean “for free”…as in doesn’t earn a dime?

    I know some skilled trail lawyers who have become wealthy using our court system do some work for free as a bit of paying it forward. But in my experience, folks that work for free are either A) Members of the clergy; B) Convicts; C) Slaves or D) People who suck at their jobs.

    Although Nick refers to his Catholic education often, I’m pretty sure he’s not a priest. Nick also often refers to his hardscrabble life in the mean streets of St. Paul, but I don’t think he ever did any time. Nick never fails to remind his audiences that he is a dual Irish \ American citizen, and while many Irish were enslaved by the British and sent off to work plantations in Antigua and Montserrat, I don’t think Nick is that old.

    That leaves only one conclusion. Nick is receiving exactly what his work is worth….I’ll use that information to give his opinion the weight it deserves.

  8. Also, if I’m not mistaken, and I’m not, Nick walks around strapped. Seems to me I remember him writing about getting his CWP back when he was still getting paid….”I’m even more of a badass now”, or something like that.

    But he’s pissed when a black girl uses the same Constitutional rights he does….isn’t there a name for that?

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