NARN Wonders When It’ll Be Spring Again, And The Winter Answers “Never”…

For the second time in 14 years, the NARN is taking a Saturday off due to weather.

We’ll be running a “best of” today.

Fortunately, both of our guests this week – Eight District GOP Congressional candidate Pete Stauber, and Ed Morrissey – will be on next week.

Tune in, and stay warm!

2 thoughts on “NARN Wonders When It’ll Be Spring Again, And The Winter Answers “Never”…

  1. In was working in Mankato this week, and decided to stay the weekend and visit with the kids….bad idea.

    Woke up this morning to find my rental completely plowed in. Took an hour of determined work to free it.

    Good news is, the delay didn’t effect my flight home because my flight has been cancelled, there is no alternative available today; I won’t be getting home until 11:30 tomorrow night.

    Bad news is, it’s 75 and sunny right now at home.

    Good news is, 2 of the kids are ready to follow us South.

    I can’t believe I lived here for so long.

  2. Enh. I still love winter, although I could have dealt with six fewer weeks of it.

    But I knew this was going to happen; it barely snowed before Christmas this year, so it was going to have to come sometime.

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