There are times I wonder if this isn’t the right answer.

UPDATE:  Clearly, I wrote this before looking at the map.  While the article makes sense, clearly the author thinks all northerners look alike.  The idea of the Dakotas, Montana and Idaho siding with New England is as risible as Rebecca Otto’s candidacy.

My two cents?   It’s not just two nations (Dems aren’t the only ones fighting the last war).  Short of dividing up by counties (which would be much more politically accurate), I could see several options:

  • Two nations .- with the West Coat, New England, the Mid-Atlantic and Chicago existing as an archipelago of liunacy
  • Three nations – a Japan and China-aligned West Coast, a New England/Mid-Atlantic nation that’d join the EU, and the rest of the country.
  • Four nations:  the above, with the former confederacy (less Texas, perhaps) forming a socially-conservative nation and the remainder a libertarian-conservative agricultural and petroleum based nation.

But again, it’s all hypothetical.

Or is it?

8 thoughts on “Irreconcilable

  1. What is with his map?

    Obviously Jesse Kelly knows nothing about the middle of the country. He needs to bend that northeast border to exclude southern Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Toss Chicago and Madison in with the East Coast and leave most of Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and the dry parts of Washington and Oregon in America.

    I don’t know what to do about the Twin Cities, maybe just offer free moving van rentals to Madison.

  2. That map is wayyy too cleanly divided along state lines. I can’t speak for the rest of the country. but in my general region, West Virginia should be south of the border, and Pennsylvania should carve off Pittsburgh, Erie, and Philadelphia, and leave them to the soylent.

  3. the Democrats are always fighting the last war – that is the map of The War of Northern Aggression with the west coast tacked on.

  4. I agree that a division is necessary because we can’t all live under the same rules. But instead of dividing by states (which other commenters correctly note still leaves Red and Blue at war), why not use the tested-and-proven model of Indian Reservations? Red counties become the Federated States and that’s most of the geographical area of the nation. Blue counties become Liberal Reservations, similar to Indian Reservations, which are located within our nation but are allowed to have separate customs and traditions from the rest of us. I nominate Al Gore as Commissioner of the Bureau of Liberal Reservation Affairs.

  5. Joe, I like your approach.

    In oh so many ways, the progressive notion of “the arc of history” and “being on the right side of history” is nothing more than a rehash of Manifest Destiny, and we are the natives whose culture they want to destroy.

    The believers in Manifest Destiny viewed themselves just as much as the agent of progress as their woke descendants in the DFL do now.

  6. What about New York? It was settled by the Dutch, it’s not part of New England. It’s not mid Atlantic, either.

  7. As a precursor to the more intellectually stimulating internet that will briefly reign, in between the time when leftist reprobates are distracted by their prep for ACWII and the grid going black, I’d like to interrupt this thread to present a clip from the KECK Cosmic Cam atop Mauna Kea volcano from March 14-15 2018.

    Now tell me there is no God.

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