The Ultimate Urban Progressive Privilege…

…is being able to blame “privilege” for every transgression, real or perceived, for which one’s facts, logic or intellect doesn’t equip one to respond.

A friend of the blog writes:

I guess we uppity peasants got put in our places. If one complains, uprises against the government, it is only because of privilegeand wealth. We are instead to sit passively, for the good of all, and let organized city services have their way with us. After all, they apparently make better choices for us then we can make ourselves.

Really. And here I thought it was our right to protest when government over stepped into our lives. I guess I will remind people of this when the next Black Lives Matter protest happens over an incident with an organized city service.

As we noted when we first defined Urban Progressive Privilege, another of its great privileges is not having people calling you on inconsistencies.

7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Urban Progressive Privilege…

  1. Mr. Frank’s letter notes that it is a privilege–a benefit of means–to have better, private garbage service. I agree. For me, it costs about $40/month, and I could take about a third off that amount if the government would allow me to do my own recycling–or not, knowing that recycling actually damages the environment worse than simply hauling that plastic off to the dump.

    Of course, that doesn’t exactly make clear why we’d want the government to handle garbage service, but such is the disconnect among the left.

  2. Only wealthy, privileged individuals can afford to hire somebody to haul their trash away. Women and minorities must dispose of theirs in back alleys. Taxing the rich to pay their fair share is the one sure way to ensure access to affordable trash hauling, which is every resident’s birthright. We should be happy to pay for a cleaner Twin Cities.

    Next up – shoveling your sidewalks, a racist micro-aggression?

  3. I like my county’s 3rd world trash solution: There are giant trailer-bins about four miles from my house. They are open three days each week. I haul my own trash to them. No tipping fee for non-business household trash.
    They have recycling bins available, but since they put the recyclables on big, diesel-burning barges & ship them three thousand miles away, most people don’t recycle. Except people from Cali. If you point out to them that their recycling is actually creating pollution, they get angry. At you. Recycling is like a religion to Californians.

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  5. In Somalia, it’s black privilege to shit in the street and toss your trash where ever you are. It’s also black privilege to put a flaming tire around the neck of anyone that objects to the aforesaid privilege.

    Location, location, location.

  6. I am sure there are those who would love to see similar “privelege” here-

    And I saw a large dump of feces on the light rail platform the other day. I’m guessing it was from a human.

    The neighborhood social media pages are full of similarly disgusting stories, but we’re told to, you know, don’t judge these people. “We don’t know their life story, just leave them alone.”

  7. Swiftee, I don’t know what racial or ethnic groups are involved in San Francisco, but what you describe is also a privilege of urban residents there, no? Thankfully not yet including necklacing, but there is a point where failing to enforce norms of civilized behavior leaves a mark everywhere.

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