Leftist Social Media Kills Children

Facebook – which is unstinting about signaling its progressive virtue domestically – is being assessed some culpability in the oppression of the Rohynga minority in Burma:

A U.N. fact-finding mission has highlighted the role of social media networks, and Facebook in particular, in fueling hate speech against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, telling the U.N. Human Rights Council this week that “incitement to violence” is “rampant” and “unchecked.”

Reuters reports that in an interim submission to the U.N. Human Rights Council, fact-finding mission chair Marzuki Darusman emphasized the “determining role” of social media networks in the conflict, which he said “substantively contributed to the level of acrimony and dissension and conflict” in Myanmar. “As far as the Myanmar situation is concerned, social media is Facebook, and Facebook is social media,” Darusman told reporters.

Granted, it’s only the UN.  And it’s a broadside against hate speech – which is applicable in this case, but Facebook will use it as further grounds to stifle conservative speech even further.

Still, it’s nice to see virtue-signallers get slapped.

4 thoughts on “Leftist Social Media Kills Children

  1. But without FB, how would the blue helmets arrange their rape parties?

  2. I’ve heard that You Tube, Twitter and Fed Book have started a pogrom against conservatives; disappearing high profile folks without warning, in the dead of night.

  3. You see what they are doing here?
    If you listed the reasons why Myanmar nationalists were oppressing the Rohynga people, “Facebook” would be pretty low on the list. This is like blaming the German railroad system for holocaust.
    Progressives routinely make an enemy of human freedom, in this case the freedom to communicate.

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