The Real Perps

As I’ve pointed out in the past – when you listen to Dreamsicles talking about the relatives they’ve lost to “Gun Violence”, you can listen long and hard…

…and hear not one word about a perpetrator.  At a Dreamsicle meeting, all guns are self-animating.

No perps.  No criminals.  (No black victims, outside of those killed by cops).

And no imponderable human frailties.    It’s not the mental illness  – it’s the gun.  That’s one of the latest memes from the grabbers; “it’s not the insanity – it’s the guns!“.

And like most such memes, it’s just not true.

5 thoughts on “The Real Perps

  1. What happened in Las Vegas? Its a media black-out, so you can be sure there’s something they don’t want us to know.

  2. “I want highly trained people that have a natural talent, like hitting a baseball or hitting a golf ball or putting.” ~ DJ Trump

    I’m surprised he didn’t include: Wiffle ball or Bean bag toss.

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  4. You are really lonely, are you, Shvonder-eTASS? Even with all those voices and personalities in your head, you are one lonely, pathetic troll. Carry on cupcake.

  5. When I tell people that Trump lives rent free inside Liberals’ heads, controlling their thoughts, manipulating them, they insist that isn’t so. How could he? All he does is issue Tweets which they read and repeat and respond to and reproach him for and redirect comment threads to and . . . .

    Rent free, Emery. Every waking moment.

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