The Wheel Just Keeps On Spinning

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

We’re headed for another fight over Dreamers, illegal aliens brought into the country as minors by their parents.  Democrats and RINOs like McCain want amnesty on the grounds that minors aren’t responsible for their actions so it’s humane to let them stay rather than force them to return to a country they never knew.

Okay, but there are about a million Dreamers.  The instant you give citizenship to Dreamers, they can use family reunification rules to sponsor their parents for citizenship. Now we’re up to 3 million. That’s a lot of new Democrat voters.

Why are we having an amnesty discussion at all?  Because the Dreamers came here without permission.  How’d they do that?  Strolled across the border.  Why didn’t somebody stop them?  Because there’s no wall on the border.  Why not?

Look, there are only two possibilities.  First one, Open Borders.  Make the US border with Mexico as wide open like the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin – anybody can enter, thieves, gangsters, terrorists, without limitation.  In that case, we shouldn’t bother with formal citizenship: everybody who stands on our soil is a citizen.  The dirt will magically transform them from their culture to ours.  In fact, why should they have to make the trip at all?  Anybody with the spirit and desire to be an American should be able to vote for Democrats and receive welfare checks, regardless of where they in the world they live.  No borders.

Second option, some people get in, but others do not.  It doesn’t matter who does not, the fact some people are not allowed in brings up the most urgent question: how will you keep them out?

The Wall is too expensive? Fine, what’s your alternative proposal to keep them out?  Electronic countermeasures, virtual wall, drones?  Didn’t work to keep out the 3 million we’re going to amnesty – how will it work to keep out the next 3 million?  30 million?  300 million?

Prohibition without enforcement is functionally equivalent to acceptance.   Either we have a border or we don’t.  Either we keep undesirables out or we don’t.   –

I think we ought to build The Wall to keep out undesirables.  65 other nations around the world agree with me.  If you’ve got a better idea, let’s hear it.  We’ve got about a week to decide before amnesty is given and the cycle starts all over again.

Joe Doakes

It is, to coin a phrase, a time for choosing.  Is this a sovereign nation with a culture worth preserving, or not?

11 thoughts on “The Wheel Just Keeps On Spinning

  1. Pro Tip: When you’ve got 30 or 40 staffers without security clearances, and you hired a Russian spy as your Director of National Intelligence, you can’t pretend you care about “national security” and need billions of taxpayer dollars for a 2,000-mile wall.

  2. *sigh* You’ve been reading Huffpo again, haven’t you, Emery?
    What “Russian spy” was director of national intelligence?

  3. But with open borders, how would you keep out the Russian spies?
    And why would you need a security clearance? Just make ’em sign an NDA.

  4. It turns out Comey lied when he testified to congress that he last met with Obama in late 2016. He met with Obama again in early January, 2017, or so sez testimony from Susan Rice.
    Yank his security clearance! Throw him in jail! He might be a Russian spy!
    On the other hand, we know that Rice is a liar given her earlier testimony about the Benghazi screw up.

  5. Did anyone here expect anything constructive from Shvonder-eTASS? Really? Trolls gotta troll.

    As in the past, I say no to the wall. Waste of money. Clearcut strip peppered with landmines and remote control .50 cal turrets are a much better solution.

  6. Emery, when you got an FBI that is taking half a year to a year to get clearances done, and is missing basic things that would be found on an ordinary Brady check, what is the President supposed to do? Not do his job because the FBI is more interested in ignoring the crimes of Hilliary Clinton and Lois Lerner?

    Plus, if you’re interested in serious criminals working in the White House, I have it on good authority that a previous Secretary of the Treasury committed felony tax evasion. So put that in your bong and smoke it.

  7. But with open borders, how would you keep out the Russian spies?

    Are you guys working together? Like a Shot-Chaser thing. I was all set to say something similar, and then saw you guys had already addressed it. Nice job. I look forward to the Emery Collective’s non-response.

  8. jdm,

    Ha! He’s probably searching every one of his left wing propaganda sites to find that response. We may be waiting awhile.

  9. Nah, they’ll just pull a non sequitur out of their orifices, like they usually do. You see, more sock puppets, more orifices, more non sequiturs.

  10. What “Russian spy” was director of national intelligence?

    Judging by the results achieved, I’d suggest two possibilities; James Clapper and David Gompert, enabled by two others, Hilliary Rodman Clinton and John F’ing Kerry.

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