More Unexpected Results

The Canadian province of Ontario – which includes Toronto and, Ontario natives tell me, a major city named “Tronna” – raised its minimum wage in January.

Coincidentally, nearly 3% of the province’s part time jobs evaporated  that very month.  Unexpectedly!:

It gained approximately 8,500 full-time positions but lost roughly 59,300 part-time gigs, according to data provided by the
agency, which noted the figures are rounded.

That means there was 3.4 per cent or 46,100 fewer part-time posts in January 2018 than the same time the previous year.

Some economists said it’s possible Ontario’s minimum wage increase played a role in those declines, but noted it’s important not to read too much into one month of data.

Also, it’s important not to impugn the narrative.

Perhaps the economists are graduates of the Feminist Business School

1 thought on “More Unexpected Results

  1. Given that job growth/shrinkage numbers are typically < 1% in a given month, yes, this is statistically significant. And it looks like they're going to double down and raise the minimum wage to 15 loonies per hour next year.

    Prediction; thousands of young workers flee Ontario for other provinces and perhaps even places in the Lower 48.

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