What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

And to think they say the left is utterly clueless about economics;   Feminist Business School promises to remove the profit motive from the free market

The Feminist Business School, founded by Evergreen State College graduate Jennifer Armbrust, teaches that capitalism is an “economy that values masculine traits” such as “meritocracy,” “competition,” and “individualism.” The California-based site recently launched two more online courses to coach aspiring businesswomen on how to “topple the patriarchy” and promote a more “feminist economy.”

Shunning the “profit seeking motive” of traditional commerce, the Feminist Business School advocates that businesswomen adopt more “feminine traits” such as “gratitude,” “intimacy,” and “connecting with nature.”

Did we mention it started at Evergreen State?

12 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. here’s where you go to get her 12 points poster
    (she better not be showing a profit in that $10 price)
    she lives in Topanga Canyon, surfs Malibu, and has found a way to monetize her degree in Critical Theory
    She asserts “Her work explores the collisions and collusions of art, business, gender, embodiment and economics.”
    and I suspect she writes for the Emery-Collective™

  2. Businesswomen who don’t believe in meritocracy or individualism or competition? How do they make money, sit around in a group and knit $100 bills?

  3. she makes her money the old fashioned way by selling online coursework that costs about $1,300.00 a pop and as she declares on her contact screen:

    “*Your time is valuable and so is ours. Please do not ask us to do things for free. We promise to return the favor.”

    its that good old fashioned snake-oil business – she sells ephemera to the marks

  4. This from Her FAQ:

    We read all of your homework submissions, participate in the online discussion threads, and are available to answer your questions in the video classes. In Week 1, you are invited to submit journaling about the present and the future of your business. This is the one piece of homework that we respond to, giving you personalized feedback on how to get the most out of the course.

    We do not take phone calls and we do not offer feedback on homework or business advice via email. If you need help or want to engage more deeply with materials, we ask you to post your question online or pose it in a video class so that we can explore it together, as a group. If you’d like to work in-depth with particular issues concerning your business, one-one-one consulting sessions are available to you throughout the 8-week course.

    All prices are per person, not per business (or partnership). If you have registered with the intention of working this curriculum with someone who is not enrolled, they will need to pay the full tuition amount in order to use these materials. Any student accounts that are shared or logged into by users other than the enrolled student will be terminated without refund.

    For someone who aims to topple the patriarchy of capitalism she is none the less ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

    thanks Mitch, this has been good Monday morning entertainment

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  6. A good number of fringe leftists, some of them very high in academia, believe that “capitalism” is an arbitrary creation, and that it began in Italy in the thirteenth century (where & when something like modern banking practices arose). They believe many different high-growth economic systems were possible.
    You know — like we saw in the USSR and are seeing now in Venezuela.
    This is something that social scientists believe, not economists.

  7. She would undoubtedly say that she is a prisoner of the patriarchal capitalist economy, and while she has to abide by it (gotta pay the bills), she is working from within to destroy it.

    Or some such nonsense.

  8. She’s not a capitalist. Capitalism is masculine and bad. She merely charges a fair price for the valuable information she’s providing, and she only does that because she’s forced to work within the framework of the capitalist patriarchal educational system that exists now.

    Once a sensible educational system is put in place, one in which all educators are paid a tax-payer funded stipend to explore their place in a feminist economy that resonates in tune with nature, then she’ll quit charging by the student and simply give her advice for free.

    It’s the same theory as implementing communism. We can’t jump directly from capitalism to communism, everybody would starve. We need to transition from capitalism to communism by socializing people, making them understand their proper roles in the new order. Those who can’t be educated must be eliminated. Someone must be in charge of the social transformation process to ensure it goes smoothly and always headed in the right direction. It’s a tough job but I’m up to it and because my job is so much tougher than yours, naturally I’m rewarded better. But someday, when all the wrong-thinkers and saboteurs are eliminated, when everyone puts their shoulder to the wheel and we all march into the glorious communist future, then my leadership no longer will be needed so I’ll voluntarily step down.

    No, really, I will. As soon as it’s safe for society. Not, yet, but soon. Really.

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  10. OK, the “feminist business model” is shunning profits at $1200 a person to enroll in the course. Am I getting that right?

    I am thinking that those who enroll are not only shunning profits, but also logic and the dictionary. My further guess is that most of them are living off a trust fund bequeathed from Mommy and Daddy, or better yet Grandma, much like Governor JimBeam.

    That noted, their website appears to be down, which suggests that despite huge fees to listen to their drivel, they have (inadvertently) realized their goal of avoiding profits.

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