It’s MLK Day…

..and I”m taking a long weekend, myself.

With that in mind, I’ll urge you to listen, as I do this time every year, to Reverend King’s final, and in some ways most iconic, speech, “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop”.

“I Have A Dream”, full of vigor and hope, gets all the headlines; “Mountaintop” is both more sober and more expansive; it focuses on the stump-pulling work of the battle for civil rights. It has lessons for those who fight for all civil rights.

As always, the whole thing is worth a listen.

2 thoughts on “It’s MLK Day…

  1. I’m always struck by the historical memories evidenced by speakers such as Dr. King. Amen.

  2. King no more deserves celebration that Washington, Lincoln, etc.
    Yesterday was a King lovefest on lilly-white NPR.
    King wanted the US to live up to its creed and its promise. Lefties want to throw all that in the trash and start again at Year Zero.

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